How To Build Out a Dank Cannagar Mold Blunt Press Kit

Unline when rolling blunts or regular joints, crafting the perfect cannagar requires specialized tools. Purple Rose cannagar mold kits come with (almost) everything you need to make a smooth, slow-burning, flavorful cannagar. 

Whether you’re trying to figure out how to use your brand-new cannagar mold or putting together a dank bundle to give as a gift, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of the equipment included in every cannagar kit — and a bonus list of our favorite add-ons to take your cannagar crafting to the next level. 

The 5 Essential Parts of a Cannagar Kit

Every artist needs the right tools, and Purple Rose cannagar kits come with all the basics required to roll up a one-of-a-kind smokeable creation. All you’ll need to provide are your favorite flower, blunt wraps, or rolling papers. 

1. A High-Quality Cannagar Mold

First and foremost, you’ll need a cannagar mold to create the perfect cannagar. Purple Rose Supply offers four different sizes of cannagars, from our mini mold that holds a gram of weed to our large mold that holds up to a half-ounce of your favorite flower. 

Our high-quality molds are made of sturdy plastic and close securely with an attached latch. With smooth hinges and precise construction, our molds will hold up to countless uses, which is vital; once you try a cannagar, you won’t want to smoke any other way. 

2. A Canna Cigar Packing Tool for A Smooth Smoke

The more you compress the flower in your cannagar, the smoother the smoke and the longer it will last. Our G2 Cannagar Packing Tool makes it easy to firmly and evenly compress nug in your cannagar every time. 

Every cannagar mold includes the perfect-size packing tool made from near-unbreakable plastic with a removable ball on the end for easy handling. No big deal if you lose yours, either — we also sell replacement packing tools in every size. 

3. A Flower Funnel for Effortless Packing

We all know how hard it is to get finely-ground bud into a joint, blunt, or cannagar, so we included a built-in funnel on all of our Purple Rose Supply cannagar molds. The funnel makes it easy to add each layer of flower to your cannabis cigar — and there’s no chance of losing it since it’s built into the mold. 

4. Cannagar Skewers for the Perfect Airflow

Another defining ingredient in a high-quality cannagar is the skewer through the middle. This skewer ensures perfect airflow through even the most tightly packed cannagars, making your smoke smooth and efficient every time. 

Each Purple Rose cannagar kit includes 10 bamboo skewers to make at least 10 cannagars. Replacements are also easy to find — we sell 50-packs in four sizes to fit each cannagar mold. 

5. A Wooden Blunt Tip to Top it Off

Finally, you must finish your canna cigars with a mouthpiece to avoid burning your lips and help your cannagar hold its shape. Purple Rose cannagar mold kits come with a wooden mouthpiece sized to fit whatever mold you choose. 

These mouthpieces can be reused a few times, but when it’s time for a replacement or if you plan on giving a cannagar as a gift, we also sell 10-packs of Cannagar Wooden Tips in four different sizes. 

5 Add-Ons for the Dankest Cannabis Cigar Kit

Once you have confidence crafting cannagars and are ready to take things to the next level, Purple Rose Supply also carries all the accessories you need to step up your canna cigar game. 

1. Tobacco-Free Blunt Wraps for an All-Natural Smoke

Technically, you can use whatever wraps or rolling papers you have on hand to wrap up your cannagars. Why not treat your cannagar — and yourself — to the best and roll it up in a high-quality hemp leaf wrap instead?

Purple Rose Supply carries a couple of different hemp leaf wraps: a premium-quality cured whole-leaf hemp wrap that must be rehydrated before use and a ready-to-use fresh hemp leaf wrap that you can use to roll right out of the bag. 

Don’t want to bother with wrapping at all? We’ve got you covered there, too. Our Paper Hemp Shells come in four sizes and are compatible with our cannagar molds. Just unmold your cannagar, slip it into the pre-rolled hemp tube, and start smoking. 

2. Plant-Based Rolling Glue to Keep it All Together

If you plan on rolling, you’ll need something to finish your wrap job — and using spit to seal a premium cannagar is a little too old-school. Purple Rose Supply’s Rolling Glue will let you easily create a secure, germ-free seal on all your canna cigars and blunts. 

With a twist dispenser and a brush applicator, our rolling glue makes it easy to get the perfect seal every time. It’s clear-drying, flavorless, and made from plant cellulose, so it’s the perfect addition to your cannagar rolling setup. Plus, it will let you get even more creative with your custom blunt rolling. 

3. Clean-Burning Hemp Wick so You can Taste the Flower

One of the best things about a cannagar is that it burns super slowly, letting you experience the flavor of your flower like never before. You must evenly light canna cigars to make them ready to smoke, and you don’t want to ruin the taste or waste butane by using a regular lighter. Purple Rose Supply offers hemp wick as an inexpensive add-on to solve both problems. 

Hemp wick is an excellent alternative to lighters, especially if you’re a regular smoker. It burns at a lower temperature than butane and doesn’t release toxic byproducts, allowing you to taste your flower's complete flavor profile and take your time without burning your fingers. Hemp wick can even be used to customize your cannagar, Thai stick style

4. A Cannagar Storage Tube for Safekeeping

Once you’ve rolled a dank cannagar, you’ll want to keep it safe. Purple Rose Supply’s Cannatube will keep your precious cannagars in perfect condition, whether you’re saving it for a special occasion or just later today.

Each cannabis cigar storage tube features a chamber equipped with a two-way moisture control pack to keep your cannagar in peak condition until you’re ready to smoke it. 

5. Two-Way Moisture Packs to Keep Your Cannagar Fresh

There’s nothing more disappointing than rolling the perfect cannagar only to have it dry out and crumble or get too damp and mold while you’re waiting to smoke it. We’ve partnered with Boveda to bring you two-way humidity control packs to refill your Cannatube, cure multiple cannagars at once, or keep your flower in perfect condition until you’re ready to use it. 

Keeping the moisture in your stash jar or Cannatube at the right level will help keep your weed from going bad and ensure a better taste and texture when it’s time to smoke. 

Everything You Need to Roll the Best Blunts and Cannagars

Purple Rose Supply wants to help you smoke like a boss, and we carry everything you need to do so. From the basic cannagar mold kits to fun add-ons to take things to the next level, we’ve got you covered regarding smoking supplies. Build your own bundle or pick up a premade canna cigar kit today!

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