The 6 Best Cannabis Gifts For Lit Summer Holiday Celebrations

There’s nothing better than smoking a joint on a hot, sunny summer afternoon — except smoking a cannagar on a hot, sunny summer afternoon. Whether you prefer the beach, the lake, or hiding out inside when the temperatures get high, Purple Rose Supply has the perfect products for you. Plus, 7/10 is right around the corner. Stock up now with gifts for your buddies or yourself!

1. Custom Blunt Press for Lazy Summer Days

Smoking with friends is one of the best ways to spend long, lazy summer afternoons. If you’re planning a marathon smoke sesh, you need a smoking method that will last as long as the summer days. 

Our small cannagar mold holds 3.5 to 7 grams of flower and smokes for up to 3 hours. Rapper Xzibit’s cannabis company Napalm and Purple Rose Supply collaborated to bring you the special edition cannagar mold pictured above, which features a sick logo plus a free gift. 

There are many dankalicious summer-themed cultivars perfect for some hot-weather toking. Juicy, tropical cultivars like the classic Pineapple Express will transport you to a sunny beach, no matter where you smoke. Indica-leaning cultivars will help you relax in the sun, while sativa-leaning strains will energize you for those late summer nights. You can always mix both to blend the effects and create a seriously cool-looking cannabis cigar

2. King-Sized Cannagars for All-Day Cookouts

If you’re looking for something a little bigger, our Large G2 cannagar mold fits the bill. This huge blunt press holds 10 to 14 grams of flower and burns for a whopping 6 hours — longer than you’ll have the grill fired up at your backyard barbeques. 

Large cannagars made with Purple Rose presses are perfect for those all-day (or all-night) summer holidays and are big enough to be shared with all your friends. Sure, you could roll up a bunch of 2-gram blunts, but one big cannagar will last longer, burn smoother, and become the lit life of the party. Just be prepared for everyone to want a hit — and have extra food on deck for when everyone gets the munchies. 

Another great way to incorporate cannabis into your summer grilling events is with cannabis-infused food. Classic cookout staples like barbeque sauce, desserts, and even deviled eggs can be infused with cannabis for an elevated experience. 

3. Cannagar Mold Cleaning Kits to Keep it Fresh

If you’re rolling up a lot of cannagars this summer, you’ll need to clean your trusty cannagar mold. Our Cannagar Cleaning & Maintenance Kit makes it easy to keep your cannagar mold ready for action, and the convenient pouch is big enough to store all but our biggest cannagar mold in, too. 

Our cleaning kit includes two large brushes, five smaller brushes, two spray bottles for water and rubbing alcohol, and a gentle cleaning cloth. The durable, convenient case keeps everything in one place, making it easy to take your cannagar mold on summer vacation. 

4. Cannabis Cigar Storage Tubes for Summer Weather

Love or hate it: Summertime means hot, sticky weather with a side of sandy everything. Too much humidity can affect even the most tightly-packed cannagars. Luckily, Purple Rose Supply has a solution for that, too! 

Our CannaTube is the perfect place to store your cannagars, whether you’re taking them out and about or just want to protect them from the summer elements. These tubes fit most sizes of cannagars and come with a storage compartment for a 4-gram humidity pack to keep your cannagar in perfect condition. We include a two-way Boveda humidity pack with every CannaTube, ready to go right out of the box. 

This storage tube is excellent for taking your cannagars anywhere, like a 4th of July celebration. It’s no secret that cannabis makes it even more fun to watch fireworks — as long as you’re not the one setting them off. Always celebrate summer responsibly when puffing on your perfectly preserved cannagar. 

5. Cannagar Rolling Tray for Your Next Outdoor Smoke Sesh

Summertime is the perfect time to get outside, but bringing your weed with you can be hard. Our Purple Rose Blunt Rolling Tray gives you a flat place to roll a blunt, balance a rig, or pack a cannagar, no matter where you end up this summer. 

The Purple Rose blunt rolling tray features a sleek pouring spout that will make it easy to dole out a bowl, blunt, or cannagar worth of weed. Bonus: the spout makes it easy to clean. The simple design is eye-catching and understated, and it’s the perfect size for slipping into a backpack or beach bag.

Whether you’re on the beach, at the lake, taking a hike, or just chilling inside in the air conditioning, a rolling tray is necessary — and the Purple Rose rolling tray is the best you can get. 

6. Purple Rose Supply Tee to Stay Cool this Summer

Finally, welcome in shorts and T-shirt season with a sick Purple Rose Tee. We offer sizes small to double XL so you can choose your fit. Each shirt is made with 100% cotton, so they’re soft and breathable and will keep you cool and comfortable all summer. It goes without saying that the perfect accessory to complete the outfit is a cannagar in your hand.

Stock Up on Cannabis Swag this Summer

Purple Rose Supply is your one-stop shop for (almost) everything you need to have a stoned summer. From cannagar molds to sick accessories, we’re here to help you take your smoking game to the next level. Browse our products, build a bundle, and enjoy high summer!
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