Banana Blunts? 5 Cool Instagram-Worthy Wrap Jobs

At Purple Rose Supply, we believe that rolling is an art form and that sharing what you rolled is part of the fun. Whether you prefer joints, blunts, or cannagars, here are five of our favorite Instagram-worthy blunts and a few tips for creating your own. 

What Can You Use to Roll a Blunt?

The foundation of any masterpiece is the medium used to make it. When planning your next blunt creation, you’ll want to keep materials in mind. 

Technically, blunts are rolled in some kind of tobacco wrap. There’s a ton of possibility in that one category: you can choose whole tobacco leaves or paper, flavored blunt wraps, infused blunt wraps, or any combination of wraps to form the foundation of your masterpiece. 

Though blunt purists might disagree, don’t feel limited to traditional tobacco blunt wraps when trying to roll the most aesthetically pleasing blunt. You can also incorporate joint papers in every flavor and color combination under the sun or natural decorations like flower petals and hemp leaves. 

Ensure that everything you use in your blunt creation is safe to smoke. Rolling with anything not meant to be smoked, like pages from books or regular paper, can expose your lungs to dangerous chemicals.

How to Roll a Custom Blunt

The easiest way to start making aesthetically-pleasing blunts is to begin with a regular blunt or cannagar rolled in a blunt wrap or hemp wrap

Once you have a solid base, you can add decorations to the outside using more wraps or rolling papers, flower petals, hemp wick, extracts, and more. You can attach these accessories using moisture, rolling glue, or even wax for an extra kick. As long as it’s still smokeable when you’re done customizing it, there’s no wrong way to roll an attention-grabbing blunt. 

5 Cool Instagram-Worthy Blunt Ideas

Now that you know which materials you can use to craft your next blunt, here are some excellent examples to inspire you. 

1. Go Big With Giant Blunts

Sometimes subtlety is overrated. If you want to roll something that will get attention online and wherever you decide to light it up, you can’t go wrong with rolling the biggest blunt you possibly can. Just be ready — everyone is going to be asking for a hit.

Check out this How To Video!

The world record for the largest blunt goes to master roller Weavers, who rolled up a five-pound monster of a “Bazooka Blunt.” Whether you go for something a little smaller and more manageable or try to break his record with a massive blunt of your own, a gigantic blunt will impress your friends and followers. 

2. Get Creative With Sculptural Blunts

Cross joints are cool, but sometimes you need to take it to the next level to really impress your followers. If you want to invest time and creative energy into your next blunt creation, try “rolling” a 3D blunt that looks more like a papier-mache sculpture than something you smoke. 

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These creations by @thegrasshoppa are almost too cool to smoke. Sculptural blunts like these aren’t for the faint of heart — make sure your rolling skills are ready for a challenge and have plenty of material on hand to perfect your vision. Blunt wraps will provide a sturdier base since they are thicker and more rigid, and rolling papers will let you add details, colors, and precise forms to your masterpiece. Come up with a plan and think about the basic shapes your artistic blunt will be made up of before you start. The sky is the limit!

3. Live the High Life With Gold Blunts

A well-rolled blunt or cannagar shared with friends is priceless, especially if wrapped in a gold rolling paper. If you’re trying to rack up likes on Instagram, there’s nothing more eye-catching than gold rolling papers.  

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This luxurious cannagar uses gold and novelty printed money rolling papers for an opulent smoke. There are countless ways to use gold rolling papers or other novelty wraps in your blunt creations. Use them as accents, like the creator of this cannagar did, or cover the whole thing in gold for a blunt that looks like it belongs in a museum next to other priceless jewels. 

4. Embrace Your Romantic Side With Rose Petal Blunts

Have you ever thought of pairing flowers with your flower? Try enhancing your next blunt with some hand-picked rose petals. Whether you choose to use rose petals as your wrap or add them to the outside of a more conventional blunt, you’ll end up with a beautiful blunt that will stand out on your social media feed. 

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This gorgeous creation is completely covered in rose petals, but that’s not the only way to use flower petals when you roll. Try creating a design by adhering full or partial petals to the outside of a blunt or cannagar. Whether you’re making a rose blunt to post on social media or sharing it with someone special, it’s sure to impress. 

If you try rolling up a floral blunt, ensure you’re using organically-grown roses that haven’t been treated with chemicals. 

5. Mix Things Up With Banana Blunts

Last but not least, you can shake things up using a banana peel as a blunt wrap. You read that right! Recently, creative cannabis consumers on TikTok and Instagram have been rolling blunts with banana peels. After scraping off the fruit and drying out the peel, fans claim you’re left with a sturdy, slow-burning, nicotine-free wrap. 

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Banana-wrapped blunts look pretty similar to regular blunts, but if you show your followers or your smoking buddies how you made it, you’re sure to get a response. Again, if you try this, be sure to use organic bananas that haven’t been treated with harsh chemicals.

Everything You Need to Roll Creative Blunts

Now that you’ve been inspired, you’ll need the materials to make your own custom blunt, joint, or cannagar. Purple Rose Supply has everything you need to start rolling Instagram-worthy blunts, from hemp wraps to wooden tips. Browse our site today, and don’t forget to share your creations with us on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or Facebook. Happy rolling!

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