Interested in making some money selling our kits? We just launched 2 new ways for you to make $.

Option 1: Sell online
- Send your custom link to friends, give them 15% off and make 15% commission

Option 2: Sell in person
- Buy CannaMolds in bulk & get cash in hand by selling directly to your friends.

Having products to sell in person would make your friends more likely to buy because you can just hand it to them right there. And you could get your cash in hand. Not only that, but you have complete freedom to sell them at the price you set. But for tax purposes, you’d need a reseller’s license.

No resellers license?

No problem. Without a resellers license, we can’t recommend that you resell kits. But you can purchase demo kits in bulk to show your friends the kits in person. Essentially, the demo kits would be 5 or 10 complete cannagar kits at a 30% discount.

Can I sell my demo kits without a resellers license?

No. They should be used for demonstration purposes only.If you do decide to get licensed in the future, then you can resell those same demo kits!

Do I need to send you my resellers licensing info?


I don’t have/want licensing, what do I do with the demo kits?

If you order kits at 30% off, you can use them to show your customers why they should buy! Then you could give them your referral link to buy along with your personal coupon code. Earning them 15% off and you 15% commission.

How much would I make if I bought the kits in bulk?

Well, If you bought 5 kits at 30% off, you would pay $34.30 per unit. You have the power to set whatever price you want! If you sold them at $60 per unit, you'd be making yourself $128.50!

But you have the freedom to sell that at whatever price you want. You can be your own boss here.

What if I don’t use all of my demo kits?

We got your back. Just send your kits back to us and you'll get a full refund.

Where do I buy the demo kits?

Register here to become an in-person affiliate & get your bulk kits!

Where do I get my referral link?

Head to the Affiliate Dashboard to sign up!

For more info on getting started with the Online Affiliate click here.

PHONE: (530) 230-3348
Monday – Friday
7:15am – 1pm PST

4001 S Decatur Blvd Ste 37-145
Las Vegas, NV 89103-5800
United States

EMAIL: support@purplerosesupply.com

Check out what some of our top affiliates have to say!

"I came in with an open mindset and was grateful for the opportunity to work closely with such a dope product. I found that once joining the program, it’s set up for the affiliate to make a good amount of commission through sales. The material offered in the emails on how to be an affiliate was nice too. For those coming in new, it allows for a sense of direction and helps them find themselves as a salesperson. Of course as a businessman, I was also very happy with the generous 20% commission and timely payouts. Stellar customer service from the team has been amazing too, from sending products out for an event to 1 on 1 conversations on how they can build out their program. I would highly recommend this program to any Cannaisseur who truly has a passion for the 420 lifestyle. No matter if you have a business or a bunch of friends, this program is laid-back and designed to compensate you for appreciation and/or utilization of cannabis. Big things are coming for Purple Rose Supply as there is a THC P4ND3MIC taking over!"

- Cameron Fleming
PRS Affiliate

"The very 1st day I seen you guys had an affiliate program, I signed up for it. The results I found about joining the program were an even greater advantage of simply sharing with others. Not only do I get to share what I was already sharing, but I can offer a discount at the same time. And who doesn’t like to save in times like right now? The things I liked most about the program are the ease of use & having my very own custom code to give to others right off the bat. No waiting or anything. Everything was a quick and easy setup. My top 2 benefits are being able to save on bulk bundles and earning while saving money. I would for sure recommend this affiliate program. Usually, I don’t sign up for something like this unless this is a product I truly love and stand by. This is something I use daily, and I am going to show off anyway. So why not earn money and help others save money while showing off to my fellow smokers? (AKA bosses.) Keep doing what you all do!"

- Ebony Miles
PRS Affiliate