Are Hemp Wraps Tobacco Free?

There are almost as many different kinds of wraps as strains to fill them with. Most people are familiar with rolling papers and blunt wraps, but today we’re discussing one of our favorite ways to roll up and toke: hemp wraps. Read on to find out what hemp wraps are, if they are tobacco-free, and where you can get the best hemp wraps out there. 

Hemp Wraps vs. Tobacco Blunt Wraps: What’s the Difference?

There are a few significant differences between hemp wraps and blunt wraps, even though they serve the same purpose: rolling up cannabis flower in a handheld smoking method.

What is a Blunt Wrap?

Blunt wraps are made from tobacco leaves and used to roll cannabis flower into a blunt. They come in many different flavors and sizes, and you can sometimes even find infused blunt wraps in specialty smoke shops. 

By definition, blunt wraps are always made from tobacco. They can be made from whole tobacco leaves for a natural look or tobacco that has been processed and pressed into a smooth paper. Because they are made from tobacco, blunt wraps usually have a nicotine content between 1.2-6 mg per wrap. 

The classic blunt wrap comes from a cigarillo or cigar; blunt purists empty the tobacco from the shell and replace it with ground cannabis. 

You can also purchase ready-to-use flat blunt wraps. These tobacco wraps come in many different flavors and varieties, making the blunt-rolling process a little more convenient. 

What is a Hemp Wrap?

A hemp wrap is made from hemp and used to roll cannabis flower. Natural hemp wraps are among the most popular, but you can also find flavored and infused hemp wraps. 

Cannabis connoisseurs love natural hemp wraps for their pure flavor and minimal ingredients; they let you taste your flower like never before and don’t add any unnecessary chemicals to your smoke sesh. 

There are 2 main types of hemp wraps: hemp leaves and hemp wraps. Hemp leaves are just what they sound like: whole hemp leaves that can be used to roll up ground flower. Hemp wraps, on the other hand, are typically made from hemp leaves processed into a slow-burning rolling paper. Both types usually come in small packages to ensure freshness. 

Are Hemp Wraps Tobacco Free?

Yes! By definition, hemp wraps are tobacco-free. Some may be infused with nicotine or blended with tobacco, but pure hemp wraps do not contain tobacco.

Are Hemp Wraps Nicotine-Free?

Yes! Hemp wraps are completely nicotine-free since they contain no tobacco. Hemp wraps are a great choice if you’re trying to quit smoking, want to avoid the nicotine buzz that comes with blunts or just want to smoke something all-natural that lets the flavor of your flower shine. If you love the smooth, flavorful, and slow-burning experience of smoking a blunt but want to switch to something tobacco- and nicotine-free, hemp wraps are a great alternative since they have the same thick, leaf-like texture without the tobacco.

How to Use a Hemp Wrap

Rolling with a hemp wrap is similar to rolling with a blunt wrap, but there are a couple of differences that you should keep in mind to get the most out of your hemp wrap. 

  1. If you’re using a cured hemp wrap, you’ll need to rehydrate it so it’s soft enough to work with. You want it damp enough to bend but not so wet that it will fall apart. You can skip this step if you’re using a fresh hemp wrap. 
  2. Lay the hemp wrap out flat on your rolling tray. 
  3. Pile flower along the length of your hemp wrap, keeping most of it towards the middle. This is a great time to add kief or other extracts. 
  4. Apply some rolling glue along one of the long edges and carefully roll it together like a traditional blunt or joint. 
  5. Gently press the seam to seal it. If you used a cured hemp wrap that needed rehydration, dry the whole thing out by quickly running a lighter over it. 
  6. Finish customizing your hemp blunt by coating the outside with extracts, adding a mouthpiece, or packing in a little more flower. 
  7. Light up and enjoy!

The Best Hemp Blunt Wraps

Everyone has their preferred wrap or rolling paper — ours is the Fresh Hemp Leaf Wraps from Native Leaf Co’s Ready Line. 

These hemp wraps are ready to use right out of the package. They’re minimally processed, which means you won’t be inhaling anything besides weed, and they’re aesthetically pleasing, too.

Fresh Hemp Leaf Wraps from Native Leaf Co’s Ready Line are a great choice if you’re trying hemp wraps for the first time or want something super convenient. These wraps are also a great choice if you want to let the flavor of your flower shine since they contain no added ingredients. With fresh hemp leaf wraps, you can taste subtle floral flavors in your favorite bud as clearly as you can taste the skunkiest strains.  

You can get two Fresh Hemp Leaf Wraps for just $7.99.

Where to Buy Hemp Wraps

Ready to take the plunge and try a hemp wrap next time you roll one up? You can find the highest-quality hemp wraps and all the accessories needed to level up your weed-smoking game at Purple Rose Supply. Side note: these hemp wraps are ideal for cannagars, too! 

Whether you’re a joint smoker looking for something a little different, a blunt smoker who wants a tobacco- and nicotine-free option, or just a cannabis enthusiast who wants to try everything under the sun, Purple Rose Supply has got you covered. Browse our selection of hemp wraps and other products, and build a bundle to save some money. Enjoy!

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