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"This is one of THE BEST purchases I have ever made"

"Daily user for over a decade. This is one of THE BEST purchases I have ever made in my cannabis journey. I have mostly used glass pieces in the past because of my inability to roll. This is not the case anymore and I use my cannagars on a daily basis. It not only conserves flower, but also is a showstopper whenever I bring one to an event. 10 STARS!!!!"
- Michael Cooney


"By far the smoothest smoke experience of my life."

"I was never more excited to receive a Christmas gift than I was when I got this mold. I immediately stuffed it with 4 different strains. Two sativas to start and a couple indicaleaning hybrids to finish. I was going to let it set 48 hours but after 24 I couldn’t wait any longer. OMG it did not disappoint. By far the smoothest smoke experience of my life. I lit it once and never had to touch it again. It burned evenly all the way down. Lasted a little over an hour. You guys have nailed it with these molds. 5 stars!! Couldn’t be more pleased."
- Stephen Hall


What is a Cannagar (Cannabis Cigar)?

A cannagar, short for cannabis cigar, is a premium hand-rolled cigar made entirely of cannabis flower. Unlike traditional cigars, cannagars contain no tobacco, offering a pure and potent cannabis experience.

What is a Cannagar Mold?

A cannagar mold is a key tool for crafting cannagars. It provides the shape and structure for rolling cannabis flower into a cigar-like form. With a cannagar mold, you can create your own custom-sized cannagars tailored to your preferences.

What are Cannagar Gauge Sizes?

Cannagar gauge sizes refer to the diameter of a cannagar, much like traditional cigars. Purple Rose Supply's gauge sizes range from small to large, allowing you to choose the perfect size for your smoking session.

What Types of Cannagars Are There?

Cannagars come in various types, each offering a different smoking experience and a unique flavor profile. They vary in size, from smaller, cigarillo-sized options to larger, full-sized ones. The choice of cannabis strain used in a Cannagar can also differ, with each strain providing a distinct flavor profile and effect. Additionally, the wrap used can vary; some Cannagars use cannabis leaves for a pure cannabis experience, while others use hemp wraps for a different flavor and burn rate. Since you’re making your own with Purple Rose Supply, you can wrap it in your favorite wrap to fully customize it to your liking.

Source Of Quality

At Purple Rose Supply, we understand the importance of quality materials. That's why we offer premium cannagar molds and accessories to enhance your smoking experience without compromising quality.

Is a Cannabis Cigar and CBD Cigar the Same?

While both cannabis cigars and CBD cigars offer a unique smoking experience, there are some key differences. Cannabis cigars contain THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis, while CBD cigars contain CBD, a non-psychoactive compound. Each offers its own effects and benefits, catering to different preferences.