What Size Should a Blunt Be?

Rolling a joint or blunt is a balancing act between packing in as much flower as possible and ensuring it still burns evenly without falling apart. Today, you can find out how big a blunt should be, how to make a blunt last longer, and how to roll the biggest blunt possible. 


What is a Blunt?

We’ll start with a brief overview so we’re all on the same page. 


Technically, a blunt is cannabis flower that has been rolled in a tobacco wrap. Blunt wraps are either made from whole tobacco leaves or pressed tobacco paper, and extra tobacco can be mixed into the cannabis flower for more of a kick. 


The classic blunt is made from the wrapper of an emptied-out cigarillo, but blunts can also be made from flat, ready-to-use tobacco wraps. 


Because they are made with tobacco, blunts contain a small amount of nicotine. Many people trying to avoid nicotine still enjoy the experience of smoking a blunt by opting for hemp wraps instead of tobacco wraps. 


What Size is a Blunt?

Blunts can range in size, just like joints, bowls, and cannagars.


Can You Put a Gram of Weed in a Blunt?

Blunts are usually larger than joints and typically contain one to three grams of cannabis flower. 


A blunt rolled with a single gram of flower will burn for about 15 minutes, depending on how tightly it is packed, how many people are smoking it, and how long you chill between tokes.  


If you want to make a gram of cannabis burn longer, press it into a cannagar. Purple Rose Supply’s mini cannagar mold holds up to a gram of weed and burns for up to half an hour, twice as long as a blunt of the same size. 


How Many Blunts Can 7 Grams of Weed Make?

Seven grams of cannabis flower can be stretched and used to roll several blunts or packed into one large blunt. 


If you want to make it last, seven grams of weed can be turned into seven one-gram blunts or about three two-gram blunts. Don’t feel limited, though — with multiple blunt wraps, you can roll a large, tightly packed blunt with all seven grams. 


Be warned, though, that larger blunts tend to burn more unevenly. It’s hard to get a uniform roll, and when the flower is packed too tight, your blunt won’t get enough airflow to burn well. If you really want to pack a seven-gram blunt, try a small cannagar instead. A cannagar packed with seven grams of flower will burn evenly and consistently for up to three hours, even with several people sharing it. 


How Many Blunts Can an Ounce of Weed Make?

The same rules apply when dividing a full ounce of weed into blunts


There are about 28 grams of cannabis in an ounce, so if you’re looking for quantity, you could roll 28 one-gram blunts, 14 two-gram blunts, and so on. 


If you ask us, you’d be better off turning your ounce of weed into two large cannagars using supplies from Purple Rose. They’ll burn smoothly and evenly for six hours each, and unlike blunts, they’ll never burn unevenly and “canoe” or fall apart while you’re trying to smoke them. 


How to Roll a Slow-Burning Blunt

There are a few ways to make your blunts burn more slowly, whether packed with a gram of flower or a full ounce. 


How to Keep a Blunt from Burning Fast

  • Add Concentrates. Adding concentrates or extracts, like wax or resin, to the inside or outside of a blunt can help it to burn more slowly. These will also make your blunt much more potent.
  • Roll a tighter blunt. Packing the flower tighter can help a blunt last longer, too. Be warned, though: if you pack it too tight, you might be left with a blunt with poor airflow that won’t burn. 
  • Mind your smoking etiquette. If you’re sharing a blunt with friends and want to help the blunt last longer, ensure everyone takes a couple of hits at a time, keeps the rotation moving, and save the smoke tricks for when they’re the one smoking everyone out. 
  • Light it right. Make sure you’re lighting your blunts right. Ensuring they are fully, evenly lit before you start puffing can help them burn better. 
  • Try a cannagar instead. If you can’t get a blunt to last as long as you want, then a cannagar is a better choice. They last at least twice as long as your average blunt, burn slowly and smoothly, and have endless customization options to keep your next smoke sesh exciting. 


Supplies for Every Size Blunt and Cannagar

No matter how much flower you plan to pack into your next blunt or cannagar, Purple Rose Supply has everything you need to roll a smooth, slow-burning blunt or cannagar of any size. Check out our product line today. 

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