Rolling a Blunt: The Ultimate Guide for Perfecting Your Technique

"Who rolled this pearl?" is one of the most ego-stroking compliments a fellow weed smoker can get. 

In a world of flimsy hands, smoking a 'pearled' blunt means that you're smoking a blunt made by masterful hands. With barely any dents, tears, or air pockets to struggle through, a pearled blunt is going to be a breeze to smoke. 

But not everyone has the skills to do it. Having a friend that rolls a good blunt is incredibly lucky. It requires close attention to detail and delicacy. Not only that, but you need experience rolling a few bad ones to get the perfect 'pearled' blunt.

Are you feeling jealous of how perfect your friend rolls a blunt? Or maybe you're sick of buying those cheap pre-rolls because you can't roll? Don't fret, we got your back. Keep reading for the ultimate guide to rolling a blunt. Sit back, grab your lighter, and set your mind ablaze. 

What Is a Blunt?

Don't be mistaken - a blunt is not the same as a joint or a spliff. Though there are small contrasts, smokers know the differences. Before you learn how to roll a blunt, let's make sure you know what a blunt is.

A blunt has cannabis wrapped inside of a blunt wrap or cigar. Unlike spliffs, the only tobacco in a blunt is usually the wrapping. These wrappings elevate your high, but the blunt itself is filled with cannabis. 

Blunt wraps are sold at gas stations, grocery stores, or corner stores. The most popular blunt wraps are Swisher Sweets, Dutch Masters, and the well-known Backwoods. These wraps are filled with tobacco; simply empty them and use the wrap for your blunt.

Joints and spliffs use rolling paper instead of a blunt wrap. Joints burn quicker and have less of cannabis. Spliffs contain both cannabis and tobacco.

Both are smaller alternatives, but of course, nothing can compare to a perfectly rolled blunt. A well-rolled blunt will burn up to thirty minutes and hold 1-3 grams of weed. If that doesn't convince you to bump up your rolling skills, I don't know what will!

Blunts vs. Pipes or Bongs

Sure, rolling a blunt is cool and all, but why roll one if you can just use a pipe or bong? Besides the fact that you can impress your friends with a nicely pearled blunt, blunts are beneficial in more ways than one.

Blunts Give You Control Over the Hit

There is nothing harsher than a powerful rip from a bong or pipe. Bongs and pipes can have your throat feeling sore for days after smoking. Blunts, however, have a gentler approach because you're able to control the amount of smoke you consume with each hit. 

Pipes or Bongs Need Cleaning

When you're done with a blunt, there is no cleaning process to suffer through. You throw out the end of the blunt, or roach, and you're done. Pipes and bongs need cleaning, especially if you want a good high. Cleaning your bong is a lengthy process; it's faster to sit down and roll a blunt!

Blunts Are More Enjoyable

In the company of friends, a blunt is an easier way to go. Passing around a large bong can get annoying, and a pipe isn't efficient enough for everyone to have a good time. You can take a blunt anywhere and smoke it anywhere. Even if you aren't the perfect roller, learning how to roll a blunt will save you a lot of time in the future!

What You Need to Roll a Blunt

You will need several fundamental items before rolling a blunt. This is the most important step; if you have the required tools and then some, you'll find that rolling a blunt is easier than you thought.

1-3 Grams of Cannabis

You need a nice amount of cannabis to make a blunt; we aren't making a tiny joint here. A good rule of thumb is to have at least 1 gram on hand. If not, your blunt will be thin and less satisfying. If you're looking to make a thick blunt, then 2-3 grams will be fine.

Blunt Wrap

Take a trip to your nearby corner store and pick up a few blunt wrappings. If you're a fan of flavor, try out flavored blunt wraps. These can elevate your experience by offering a little sweetness to your smoking experience. 

Blunt wraps can either have a stronger or weaker tobacco taste. For people who aren't a fan of tobacco, brands such as Zig-zag have lower tobacco content. However, Backwoods and Dutch Masters are known for their robust tobacco flavor.

Keep in mind that there are other options for blunt wraps if you do not want tobacco in your smoke session. For example, cannabis leaves are a great substitute; these blunt wraps are even better when used with cannagars, which we will get into later!

Knife or Splitter

A splitter comes in handy, but is often the item you'll forget the most. A splitter is used to cut open your blunt wrap to remove all the tobacco. When in doubt, use a small knife, but be careful in this step. Ripping your blunt wrap too jaggedly will make it difficult to roll with. Buy a few extra blunt wraps just in case!


Though a grinder isn't needed, it is helpful to have it on hand. A grinder will break down the cannabis, so it is easier to place into the blunt wrap. 

Because grinders are bulky and difficult to hide, look into a grinder card. This modern and efficient design will help you when you don't feel like carrying around your grinder. Simply slide it into your pocket, and you're ready at any time! Other supplies that are helpful, but not required, for rolling a blunt are a:


Of course, you will need a lighter to smoke your blunt, but having one during your rolling session is helpful as well. A clipper lighter has a removable flint that you can use to pack your cannabis in. 

When you finish rolling, sealing the blunt with a lighter can help issues with unraveling. 

Blunt Tips

Placing your wet lips on your blunt while smoking can be pretty unappealing. In some cases, it can prevent the blunt from smoking as well. There is also the issue that once you smoke your blunt to the last inch, you're left with a nub that is too small to smoke.

Investing in blunt tips will not only save you money and time, but also offer an elegant way of smoking. Spend the extra coin and get a flashy blunt tip that your friends will remember you by!

Rolling a Blunt in 6 Easy Steps

Now that you've got your materials, you're ready to roll! Follow these 6 easy steps so you can roll the perfect blunt.

1. Secure a Flat Table or Rolling Tray

It is in your best interest to roll a blunt in an open and spacious area. You're dealing with loose material, so having a flat table will help keep track of things. As a substitute, have a rolling tray that will prevent your cannabis from getting everywhere.

Place all of your items onto the clean table or rolling tray and get ready to begin. 

2. Grind Your Cannabis

Place your cannabis into your grinder and begin breaking the flower down. Avoid grinding your flower too finely; you don't want your weed to look like dust. To prevent this, check your grinder every few twists and turns to make sure it's breaking down properly.

Once your cannabis is fully ground up, dump the flower onto your table and make sure there are no big clumps. If there are chunks, break them apart with your hands.

3. Prepare Your Blunt Wrap

Use a knife or splitter to split open your blunt wrap. Dump out the tobacco into the trash and keep the wrapping.

Blunt wrappers are dry and flaky, so lightly wet the wrapping before use. This can be as simple as wetting your fingers and running them across the wrapper.

If you rip your blunt wrap during this process, it's best to start over with a new one. It can be difficult to repair a jagged rip, especially when it's your first time rolling a blunt.

4. Pack in the Cannabis

Now it's time for the good stuff! Sprinkle the cannabis into your blunt wrap evenly. It's easy to be greedy, but be sure you aren't adding so much that your blunt has trouble rolling in the future. You'll know when you've overdone it if the blunt wrap's two sides struggle to meet. 

5. Roll the Blunt

This is where things can get difficult. The best way to roll a blunt is to roll one side of the blunt wrap over the cannabis. Squeeze and tuck. Continue rolling until the blunt is secure and tight. This will take a lot of practice, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be doing it in your sleep!

6. Seal Your Blunt

Most people tend to forget this step, but skipping this will make or break your pearled blunt. Because your blunt wrap is wet, it's important to let it dry before use. A wet blunt will not smoke properly and be hard to enjoy. If you're impatient, use a lighter to seal the edges or set the blunt out near the sun.

A New Way of Smoking: The Cannagar

If you're looking to roll a blunt in a more sleek and modern fashion, then you've found it! Rolling a blunt the traditional way can be a hassle. For those looking for an efficient and more fulfilling way to roll, then check out the contemporary cannagar.

A cannagar is a king-sized blunt that, instead of being wrapped in tobacco leaf, is wrapped in cannabis leaves. The cannagar is a great upgrade for those wishing to stay away from tobacco.

The gold in making a cannagar is that it offers a much slower burn. It can last up to 4 hours. It also gives an elevated high, as well as sleek products to make you feel like you're living a stoner's dream.

Boss up with only three steps to making a cannagar! You will only need the following items:

1. Compress

Place your grounded cannabis in your Purple Rose Supply CannaMold and pack it. The tighter you pack, the slower your cannagar will burn. So put some force into it!

2. Cure

The key to a slow burn is how long your cannabis molds. For a personal-sized CannaMold, you should wait for at least 1.5 hours. However, in all situations, waiting for overnight works the best!

3. Wrap

Wrap your cannagar using hemp or cannabis wrap. You're ready for the best smoke of your life!

Smoke Like a Boss With Cannagar

The cannagar is an option for people who are looking to go beyond rolling a blunt. However, don't be mistaken, cannagars can be used with regular blunt wraps. You aren't required to use cannabis wraps.

If you're simply looking for a more efficient way to pack your blunt, then investing in a Purple Rose Supply CannaMold is the right way to go. 

Step Up Your Game and Start Rolling!

That dream of yours to make a 'pearled' blunt isn't as far as you thought. With this comprehensive guide to rolling a blunt, you'll be impressing your friends in no time. Stop settling for those horrible smoke sessions and step your game up!

Do you need a bit more extra guidance? We'd be happy to help! Check out our collection, we’ll help you navigate the art of blunt rolling.

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