How Long Should Pre-Rolls, Blunts and Cannagars Last?

When deciding what to smoke, one of the first questions is how long any given method lasts. It’s essential to think about how long a joint, blunt, or cannagar will burn and how long it will stay good in storage. Today, we’re answering all your questions about how long blunts, joints, and cannagars last — and if that joint you rolled a month ago and forgot about is still good. 

How Long Do Blunts, Pre-Rolls, and Cannagars Last?

It takes a while for weed to go bad, but it can happen. Even with the best storage, cannabis begins losing potency after about six months. Old flower is usually still safe to smoke but will be drier, harsher, and burn faster. 

If stored in damp conditions, weed can get moldy. Just like food, moldy cannabis isn’t safe to consume. If herb looks or smells off, it’s best to toss it, whether in a joint, blunt, or still waiting to be rolled.

Do Pre-Rolls Expire?

When figuring out if a preroll is still okay to smoke, the expiration date on the package is the best thing to go off of. 

With pre-rolls and joints, you’ll want to ensure it still looks and smells okay. The rolling paper should be the same color as when you rolled it and shouldn’t be broken open anywhere. 

To help your pre-rolls last longer, store them in something airtight, away from heat and light, where they won’t get bent or squished. 

Can a Blunt Expire?

When checking whether a blunt is still good to smoke, you should follow the same rules of thumb as when evaluating an old joint. Does it look and smell normal? Is it falling apart? If everything looks, smells, and feels normal, your blunt is probably still good to smoke. 

Blunts are more prone to falling apart when they get old, though. If you’ve ever tried to roll with a blunt wrap that’s been sitting out for a while, you’ll know what we’re talking about; dried-out blunt wraps are super brittle. 

To keep your blunts good for longer, store them in a cool, dark, airtight container and consider tossing a two-way humidity control pack inside to keep them from drying out or staying too damp. 

Do Cannagars Go Bad?

If stored properly, cannagars stay fresh longer than joints or blunts, but they can still go bad if stored improperly. 

Cannagars must cure for a day or two before they’re even ready to smoke, so they can chill in storage for longer without drying out. If you plan on storing a cannagar for longer than that, be sure to store it right to keep it in peak condition. Two-way humidity packs and specialized cannagar cases both help cannabis cigars stay fresh for longer. 

How Long Do Pre-Rolls, Blunts, and Cannagars Burn For?

The burn time of a joint, bunt, or cannagar varies based on a few factors, but some methods will burn faster than others, no matter what. 

How Long Do Pre-Rolls Last?

Because they’re rolled in paper and usually contain the least cannabis, joints tend to burn the fastest. 

An average-sized joint will usually burn for between 3 and 10 minutes, depending on who you share it with, how quickly you toke it and how tightly you’ve packed it. 

How Long Do Blunts Last?

Blunts tend to burn longer than joints, thanks to the tobacco leaves they’re wrapped in and the fact that they’re usually packed with more herb. 

Your average blunt will usually burn for about 10-20 minutes. A blunt packed with a lot of flower will burn slower than one that’s more loosely packed or shared with a big group of people. 

How Long Do Cannagars Last?

Cannagars burn way longer than joints or blunts. They stay lit for so long because they’re exceptionally tightly packed, have perfectly engineered airflow, and are usually wrapped in slow-burning hemp leaves

A cannagar packed with a single gram, or about as much as the average joint, will burn for up to half an hour — More than three times longer than a joint with the same amount of flower. A cannagar packed with 3.5 grams, a little more than your average blunt, will burn up to an hour. Cannagars packed with more flower will burn for even longer. A cannagar packed with a quarter of flower will last up to three hours, and a tightly-packed cannagar filled with a half ounce of flower will burn for a whopping six hours! 

How to Make a Pre-Roll or Blunt Last Longer

You can do a few things to help your joints or blunts burn more slowly. 

  • Perfect Your Blunt-Rolling Technique

A blunt that’s tightly packed, sealed well, and has good airflow will burn for much longer than a blunt that hasn’t been rolled with as much care. 

  • Pack in More Flower

Packing in more flower will also help your blunts and joints burn more slowly. Once you have it all rolled up, try packing more flower into the end of the blunt or joint, almost like how you fill a cannagar. 

  • Add Extracts to Your Joint of Blunt

Adding extracts like wax, kief, or sauce extracts will help your joint or blunt burn much slower and increase potency. 

  • Opt for a Cannagar

If joints or blunts just don’t burn long enough for you no matter what you do, consider trying a cannagar. They’re long-lasting and burn way more evenly and smoothly than even the best joint or blunt. 

Where to Get Materials for the Longest-Lasting Smoke

If you’re ready to level up your smoking game and roll something you can toke on all afternoon, Purple Rose Supply has you covered. Shop high-quality, slow-burning hemp wraps, humidity control packs for more extended storage, and cannagar molds for the longest-burning option out there. 

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