Celebrate National Hemp Month by Learning About Hemp and Loose-Leaf Blunt Wraps

There are many reasons to choose hemp blunt wraps for your next smoke sesh. Whether you’re avoiding added chemicals, quitting nicotine, celebrating National Hemp Month, or just want to taste your flower like never before, loose-leaf hemp blunt wraps are the way to go. 

Purple Rose Supply has plenty of options for hemp blunt wraps, so we’re here today to give you a rundown on what these wraps are, why they’re so good, and how to use them. 

What are Hemp Blunt Wraps?

Simply put, hemp blunt wraps are blunt wraps made from hemp. They can be made from whole hemp leaves or minimally processed hemp paper and can be used to wrap cannagars, blunts, or joints. Either way, they’re 100% tobacco-free and 100% nicotine-free. Hemp wraps are the choice of serious cannabis connoisseurs who only want to taste the flower, not the wrap. 

The Best Hemp Blunt Wraps

Purple Rose Supply has partnered with Native Leaf Co. to bring cannagar smokers the best hemp wraps on the market. We’re proud to carry two varieties: one ready to use right out of the package and one cured for an even more elevated smoking experience. 

Fresh Hemp Leaf Wraps

These bright-green hemp blunt wraps are grown and made in the USA and are ready to use right out of the bag. They’re flexible, easy to roll with, and minimally processed, so all you’ll taste is the natural flavor of whatever strain you’re smoking. 

Each pack contains two wraps, which is enough to roll two mini, personal, or small-sized cannagars or one large cannagar. 

If you’ve discovered your new favorite way to smoke, we also sell these bad boys in bulk, so you’ll never have to return to regular blunt wraps. 

Whole Leaf Hemp Wraps

For an even more refined smoking experience, try Native Leaf Co.’s Reserve line. Each natural hemp wrap is slow-cured for 30 days, giving these wraps an unbeatable flavor, texture, and burn. With no bleach, no added chemicals, and nothing but 100% pure USA-grown hemp, these wraps are the best of the best. 

Each package contains three wraps, three filters, a hemp wick, organic plant glue, and a two-way humidity control pack to give you everything you need to wrap the most opulent cannagar ever. These wraps must be rehydrated before they’re ready to roll, but there will be plenty of time for that while your cannagar is curing. 

Three Questions to Explain Why Hemp Blunt Wraps Are Better

Technically, there’s no wrong way to wrap up your cannagars — we love seeing your creative rolling jobs. If you’re looking for a premium cannabis experience, though, it’s hard to beat hemp wraps.

1. Do Hemp Blunt Wraps Taste Good?

Hemp wraps naturally have a super mellow flavor that essentially just tastes like cannabis. They let the natural flavors of whatever cultivar you’re smoking shine through so you can appreciate the smoking experience even more. You can really taste the difference with slow-burning cannagars, especially.

2. Are Hemp Blunt Wraps Healthy?

Though some risks are associated with inhaling any type of smoke, hemp wraps help eliminate some of the health concerns of smoking traditional blunts. Hemp wraps are tobacco-free, which means they are also free from nicotine and many of the potentially harmful compounds found in tobacco. Whether you’re trying to stay away from nicotine or just want to avoid the dangers of tobacco, hemp blunt wraps are a great alternative since they provide a similar texture and smoke without tobacco. 

3. Do Hemp Wraps Burn Slow?

Loose-leaf hemp wraps burn just as slowly and smoothly as traditional tobacco blunt wraps, with none of the downsides associated with tobacco. 

If you really want to roll up something that will burn slowly and steadily, you can’t beat a cannagar. The combination of top-tier airflow, tightly packed flower and a hemp wrap make these creations a winner on every level: superior taste, smoother pulls, and a longer-lasting smoke. 

How to Roll a Blunt with Loose-Leaf Blunt Wraps

Rolling a blunt with loose-leaf hemp wraps slightly differs from rolling a traditional blunt using a cigar shell. 

Here is how to roll a blunt using loose-leaf blunt wraps:

  1. If you’re using a cured hemp wrap, rehydrate it according to the package instructions.
  2. Lay the hemp leaf flat on your rolling surface
  3. Sprinkle some cannabis flower down the center — or lay your post-mold cannagar gently on the leaf.
  4. Roll it up like you’d roll any other joint or blunt. 
  5. Seal the edge with rolling glue for a super convenient, germ-free way to get a perfect seal on your hemp blunts every time. 
  6. Run the hemp blunt through the flame of your lighter, just like usual, and you’re ready to smoke. 

Where to Buy the Best Hemp Blunt Wraps for Your Canna Cigars

Purple Rose Supply carries everything you need to roll some seriously impressive weed cigars. We've got you covered, from the blunt press kits to wraps and any other accessories you need. Pick up some hemp blunt wraps today and prepare for your best blunt.
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