How to Infuse Your Own Blunt Wraps like Mike Tyson

Blunts and blunt wraps have become popular smoking choices among enthusiasts for their smoothness and potent effects. Made by hollowing out a cigar and filling it with cannabis, blunts have been around for a long time, but now there's a new twist to the old classic. Recently, former heavyweight boxing champion and cannabis entrepreneur Mike Tyson released a line of Futurola x Tyson 2.0 Terp Infused Blunt Wraps. These wraps are made with a non-tobacco solution and infused with terpenes for enhanced flavor and aroma. 

While you may not have access to Mike's product, you can still infuse your own blunts and blunt wraps at home with the help of a Purple Rose Supply blunt press and even make them tobacco-free. In this blog, we will provide a guide to help you infuse your own blunts, cannagars, and blunt wraps to enjoy a personalized smoking experience.

What Are Infused Blunts or Blunt Wraps?

Infused blunts or blunt wraps feature traditional cigar wraps rolled with cannabis, which then has flavors or compounds added to enhance the smoking experience. The infusion substances can range from terpenes, which give the cannabis a more flavorful and aromatic taste, to concentrates like kief or wax, which can increase the potency of the cannabis. Infusing a blunt wrap can be a fun way to experiment with different flavors and are great for cannabis enthusiasts seeking an elevated toke.

What Tools and Ingredients Do I Need to Infuse Blunts?

Your essential items are weed, the blunt wrap and your infusion material. Additional materials may include a crutch/filter/mouthpiece and rolling aids like our blunt mold or rolling glue.

People go wild with their blunt wraps — We’ve even seen cannagars rolled with pansies and rose petals as the wrap. Your wrap of choice will impact your consumption experience, so consider this crucial ingredient while balancing out desired effects. For example, tobacco wraps will create a nicotine buzz alongside your high. If you’re trying to avoid tobacco and keep it all in the canna-family, consider using premium hemp wraps for your infused blunt.

Choosin’ Your Flower and Blunt Infusion: Terps, Concentrates, etc.

As with the wrap, the cannabis flower and terpene or concentrate infusion you choose will significantly impact your experience. Pairing complementary flower and infusion effects and flavors will ultimately be experimental while discovering what you like best, but trusting your nose is always a good place to start. 

Here is an incomplete list of components you may consider using to infuse your blunts and blunt wraps:

  • Terpenes
  • Kief
  • Live Resin or Rosin
  • Hashish or Hash
  • Moon Rocks or Cannabis Caviar
  • Shatter
  • Diamonds
  • Sauce
  • Wax

Some ingredients require more work than others — while you can simply sprinkle kief into a blunt, more flowy, viscous materials must be wrapped or smeared, and solid components like diamonds must be evenly distributed.

How Do You Make Infused Blunts and Blunt Wraps?

Let’s dive in! We’ll break down blunt wrap and general blunt infusions in two sections below.

How to Infuse Blunt Wraps

We’ll be honest: truly infusing your wrap is not easy. It involves soaking your wrap in a terpene or concentrate solution and then carefully drying it to the perfect pliable (but not wet!) texture before you can use it to wrap your flower lovingly. Instead of undergoing this process, we recommend using the wrap/smear method on your blunt wrap of choice

Here are the steps to infuse a blunt wrap easily:

  1. Prepare your blunt wraps. Ensure they are moist enough to be pliable but not so wet that they tear easily.
  2. Prepare a spreadable concentrate (wax or sauce are gooier and better for this purpose).
  3. Decide whether to infuse the inside or outside of the blunt wrap. Infusing the outside will let you dip the external concentrate in additional substances like kief. Infusing the inside keeps things a little neater but could gum up your blunt without a bamboo skewer or if you add too much.
    1. If infusing the inside, spread concentrates along the internal wrap, add flower and seal the blunt. Consider using the concentrate instead of rolling glue to keep the amount minimal and utilitarian.
    2. If infusing the outside, fill the blunt with flower and seal the blunt. Either spread or spiral concentrates evenly on the outer wrap. 
  4. Include a tip if desired; spark up and enjoy!

Need more inspiration? Find tons of educational content on our YouTube channel

How to Infuse Weed Blunts

There’s plenty of wiggle room in the blunt infusion game. While infused pre-rolls have been hitting the ground for a minute in the cannabis space, infused blunts are a new frontier — just waiting for your innovative mind to put a new spin in the space. 

Here are the basic steps to infusing blunts:

  1. Prepare your blunt wraps and ground cannabis flower. 
  2. Prepare your concentrate. The infusion you choose will impact the best method for inclusion. For example, hash should be crumbled or rolled into a long, thin bar before incorporating it into your blunt. More dry, crumbly concentrates like kief just need a quick crumble, while others like shatter may require some breaking down before dispensing.
  3. Fill your blunt wrap with flower and your infusion of choice. Consider sealing the blunt with a gooey concentrate for extra oomph!
  4. If desired, include a tip; light it up and breathe in your hard-earned toke.

To wow your friends at the next smoke sesh with a next-level infused blunt, you must master the legendary infused cannagar. Never heard of ’em? Don’t worry; you can learn all about curing a primo cannagar by clicking here.

Storing Your Infused Blunts and Blunt Wraps

Keep infused blunts and blunt wraps in a cool, dry place, as with all concentrates and flower. Infused blunts and wraps can stay fresh for several weeks if stored properly. If your concentrate is inside or outside the blunt, wrapping the blunt or wraps in plastic may be correspondingly more or less straightforward.

How Long Does an Infused Blunt Last?

Infused blunts — especially infused cannagars — can burn longer than their counterparts and last quite a while. Despite their long burn time, infused blunts don’t last long in our friend groups and homes! 

An infused blunt is a significant investment, so to keep the good times rolling for as long as possible, we’ve made life easy by preparing a cannamold and blunt wrap combo pack for your next smoking session. Check out our blunt presses and smoking accessories line by shopping with Purple Rose Supply here.

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