Purple Rose Supply: Ecommerce Affiliate Program FAQ

Here's everything you need to know about getting started with the Affiliate Program!

How Do I Get Started?
Once you confirm your email, you'll have access to your own dashboard, where you can keep up with everything.

On the main dashboard, you'll see your custom link that you can send to your customers. Above, you'll also see 3 commission columns that read: Pending, Approved, and Paid. 

Pending: Disregard this, since we don't do bank transfers

Approved: When your customer places an order using your link, your unclaimed commission appears here

Paid: Once you accept your commission, this will tell you how much you have accepted 👍 

You can also go to the 'Commissions' and 'Payments' tab to track your payments. 

When do I get paid?
After your referral has been approved, you will get paid on the following Thursday.

Marketing Tools
In this tab, you will be provided with any marketing material we offer to get you kickstarted! This includes photos with selling points to post on any of your socials.

The 'Guide' tab will give a short overview of the tabs mentioned above here ^. 

Your Affiliate Link
This is the personalized link you'll send to your friends to shop. Make sure they shop through your link so that their purchase gets you the credit you deserve.

Affiliate Coupon
Here's the code you can give to your friends to get them 10% off!