Solving Common Rolling Challenges: Roll Like a Pro with a CannaMold

Rolling a perfect joint or blunt is a bit of an art form. But let's be real; many of us encounter common issues along the way, like rolling too loosely or struggling with the rolling motion. In this easy guide, we'll show you how Purple Rose Supply's CannaMold comes to the rescue for the most common rolling challenges, making your rolling experience smooth and enjoyable. Think of us as your friendly, knowledgeable friend, here to share some wisdom with you.

Problem 1: Rolling Too Loosely

One of the most frustrating issues that even experienced rollers face is the tendency to roll too loosely. This leads to the paper burning up before the weed, resulting in uneven burns, a canoeing effect, and an underfilled wrap, which, let's face it, wastes your valuable stash.

Solution 1: Perfect Compression and Ideal Airflow

With a Purple Rose Supply's CannaMold, you can say goodbye to the problem of rolling too loosely. A CannaMold ensures that your herb is compressed evenly, eliminating the issue of the paper burning faster than your weed. The result is a smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience, with perfect compression and ideal airflow.

Problem 2: Rolling Too Tight

Another common problem is rolling too tightly, which significantly restricts your airflow. You might think it looks clean, but it's no fun when you can't get a good hit.

Solution 2: Skewer for Perfect Airflow

To tackle the lack-of-airflow issue caused by rolling a joint too tightly, a CannaMold offers a solution in the form of a skewer. Compressing your cannabis around the 2mm skewer helps you achieve the perfect amount of airflow. Say goodbye to those frustrating moments when your roll is too tight to draw from – the skewer ensures you get the perfect hit every time.

Problem 3: Mastering the Rolling Motion

Rolling a joint can be tricky, and many folks struggle with the rolling motion, especially when it comes to tucking and sealing properly.

Solutions 3: Paper Shells and Table Rolls

If you're having trouble with the rolling motion, Purple Rose Supply's got your back with an easy technique - table roll. Place your cured cannagar onto a flat surface and roll it right into your favorite wrap. Or for an even easier experience, take advantage of our Paper Shells. Just pop your cannagar into the shell and start your sesh. Both methods simplify the rolling process, ensuring a smooth and consistent roll every time with little to no effort.

Problem 4: Stem Ripping the Wrap

There's nothing worse than rolling a joint, only to have the stem poke through the wrap. It's a common frustration, especially when using wraps like Backwoods or Native Leaf Co..

Solution 4: CannaMold’s compression

Purple Rose Supply's CannaMold eliminates the issue of stem ripping the wrap. The compression offered by the CannaMold ensures that the herb is tightly packed and flush, preventing any unwanted surprises during your smoking experience.

Mastering the art of rolling should be an enjoyable journey, not a frustrating one. With Purple Rose Supply's CannaMold, you can tackle common rolling challenges with ease. Say goodbye to rolling too loosely, poor airflow, tucking mishaps, and stem ripping issues. Easily roll like a pro. Trust a CannaMold to make your rolling experience a breeze and elevate your cannabis consumption to new highs. Happy rolling!

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