Are Blunt Wraps Better Than Papers?

Experimenting with different rolling methods is part of the fun of smoking weed. Blunt purists and joint fans claim their preferred method is the best — but how do they measure up? Today, Purple Rose Supply discusses the differences between blunt wraps and rolling papers, what each is best for, and whether one is the clear winner.

What Are Blunt Wraps?

Blunt wraps are used to roll up cannabis flower, or, sometimes, a combination of cannabis flower and tobacco, into a blunt. 


Technically, blunt wraps are made of either thick paper pressed from tobacco or whole tobacco leaves. Therefore, traditional blunt wraps contain nicotine and a whole host of other potentially harmful chemicals that tobacco is known for.

Blunts are popular because some smokers enjoy the nicotine buzz they produce, they come in a wide variety of flavors, and the thick wrap makes them burn slowly. However, blunt wraps' tobacco and nicotine content is a dealbreaker for many cannabis consumers. Luckily, many tobacco-free options are as good — or better — than traditional blunt wraps.

Tobacco-Free Blunt Wrap Alternatives

Though some blunt aficionados will argue that they’re not technically blunt wraps since they contain no tobacco, hemp wraps are a great alternative to traditional blunt wraps. 


Hemp wraps, also known as hemp blunt wraps, burn just as slowly and smoothly as traditional tobacco wraps. They have a smooth, natural flavor that blends with and complements the taste of your flower instead of covering it up. Some hemp wraps are ready to use right out of the package, like Native Leaf Co.’s “Ready” line. Other hemp wraps, like the “Reserve” line, must be rehydrated before use. Either way, they are the perfect alternative to addictive, potentially dangerous tobacco blunt wraps.

What Are Rolling Papers?

Rolling papers, or joint papers, are very thin sheets of paper used to roll up cannabis flower. 


These papers typically have an adhesive strip along one side or come pre-rolled, making them easier to use than blunt wraps. 

Rolling papers can be made from traditional wood pulp, but hemp rolling papers are becoming more popular. Purple Rose Supply offers pre-rolled hemp paper shells that fit our cannagar molds and can also be packed with loose flower.

3 Times When Blunt Wraps Are Better

Hemp blunt wraps and rolling papers both have a time and a place. Whether you think one is better than the other will depend on how you like to smoke!

1. Choose Hemp Blunt Wraps for a Luxurious Smoke

Hemp blunt wraps are thick and have a subtle flavor and aroma, highlighting the flower you’re smoking. If you want to sit back and appreciate a smoke sesh, hemp blunt wraps are a great option. Rolling them takes more work, but that can be part of the experience. Smoking a blunt you’ve worked hard to perfect can be incredibly satisfying. Joints are meant to be smoked; blunts are meant to be savored.

2. Opt For Long-Burning Blunt Wraps to Savor the Occasion

Hemp blunt wraps are known for burning slowly and smoothly, making your flower and smoke sesh last longer. If you’re kicking back with a few good friends or spending a lazy afternoon getting stoned, hemp blunt wraps can help you slow down, smoke longer, and enjoy the occasion. Using a hemp blunt wrap to roll up a cannagar will make it last even longer — a tightly-packed cannagar rolled in a high-quality hemp blunt wrap can burn for more than six hours.

3. Blunt Wraps Are Best For Rolling Custom Blunts

Finally, blunt wraps are great if you like to get creative with your wrap jobs. Since hemp blunt wraps are thicker and sturdier than rolling papers, they’ll stand up to your most innovative blunt creations. Whether making a smokeable sculpture, adding decorations to the outside, or packing a cannagar with a custom blend of flower and extracts, blunt wraps are the best choice for a challenging rolling job.

3 Occasions to Use Rolling Papers

Rolling papers can be excellent, too. In many situations, joint papers are a better choice than blunt wraps.

1. Choose Rolling Papers When Smoking a Gourmet Strain

Hemp rolling papers have virtually no flavor, so they’re a great option when smoking a particularly tasty cultivar. High-quality hemp rolling papers are so thin and lightweight that you probably won’t even notice that you’re smoking them — all you’ll be able to taste is the cultivar of your choice.

2. Rolling Papers are Best for a Quick Smoke

Hemp blunt wraps undeniably burn more slowly than hemp rolling papers, but that isn’t always what you want. Rolling papers are a better choice if you only have time for a quick smoke or opt for efficiency. They’ll still burn smoothly and evenly if they’re packed and rolled right, but a joint wrapped in hemp rolling paper will let you get lifted and get back to whatever else you’re doing more quickly.

3. Use Rolling Papers When You Don’t Feel Like Rolling a Blunt

Rolling papers are also much easier to use than most blunt wraps and hemp blunt wraps. Most rolling papers come with glue on one edge, so they’re easy to seal without extra materials or drying time. If you opt for pre-rolled hemp tubes, like the ones we carry at Purple Rose Supply, it’s even easier to roll one up: just slip in a pressed cannagar or pack the hemp paper tube with the included tool, and you’re ready to smoke.

Where to buy the Best Hemp Blunt Wraps and Rolling Papers

Purple Rose Supply has everything you need for your next smoke sesh, whether you’re puffing on flower rolled in a hemp blunt wrap or hemp rolling papers. No matter your favorite smoking method, we’ve got you covered with the best supplies — and we have other fun stuff that you probably didn’t even know you wanted. 

Next time you roll one up using Purple Rose gear, let us know whether you prefer blunt wraps or rolling papers on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook. Happy toking!

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