Create a custom cannabis cigar and elevate the way you medicate with our cannagar molds
Slow Burning

Slow Burning

A cannabis cigar (aka thai stick or cannagar) can be passed around 10x longer than your average joint, so you can focus on having a good time without having to stop and roll another one.

Smoother Hits

Smoother Hits

Cannagars have smoother hits compared to any other rolled cannabis. Enjoy the full flavor and take fatter hits without the cough.



Pre-made canngars cost hundreds of dollars, sell out quickly, and are limited to a few dispensaries in select states. Our molds let you create unlimited cannagars for a fraction of the price.



We want you to be the creator of your smoking experience. You can choose your favorite strains and top it off with concentrates. Give yourself the ultimate experience - on your terms.


Jeremy Moore

Jeremy Moore

Castro Valley, CA

"I was looking for something different to bring to the sessions and would roll extended jays and wood swishers thinking that’s enough for a session, but nope, people would just laugh and be tired after the first couple hits. It was different with Purple Rose Supply because it was so easy to mold and create a cannagar by myself. When I got my cannagar kit, I brought a cannagar to the session without telling anyone and everyone lost it. I was that guy at the sessions now with everyone asking about it. Thanks to Purple Rose Supply I elevated my smoking experience!"

Oscar Luna

Oscar Luna

Victorville, CA

“I love smoking but felt like joints and blunts would burn too fast for me. I felt like my money was “fast burning” looking for something “slow burning”. What was different about Purple Rose Supply was the simplicity their CannaMolds made to a normally tedious smoking task. I knew Purple Rose Supply was working to solve my problem as soon as I opened the box and started stuffing it so easily lol. Life was immediately better now that I have a cannagar to come home to after a long day of work every day."

Rene Ramirez

Rene Ramirez

Indio, CA

"I was trying to make the perfect cannagar but felt like giving up because the frustration was intense trying to keep all the buds together without it falling apart. A friend told me about Purple Rose Supply, so I checked them out. Their CannaMold kept the buds tight and made the cannagar burn super slow. Now I feel like a big boss. It feels good to walk in a room full of people and be able to pop it out and light it up. Everyone just breaks their neck and wants a hit, which is fine with me because it burns super slow. Life is looking phenomenal and blessed right now!!"

Luis Robles

Luis Robles

Oakland, CA

"The design, packaging, and simplicity of the Purple Rose Supply Cannagar Mold makes them stand out. After buying their kit, I made and smoked my first cannagar, which left me amazed and satisfied. The cannagar was still burning after an hour, which made the vibes of the room better because everyone was amazed on how well it worked. Life today is pretty amazing and you don’t run into people that just happen to have a cannagar. When people see me pull out this bad boy, they just want to know what it is, where I got it, and it’s always great to see their expressions when I tell them I made it."

Wilfredo Garcia

Wilfredo Garcia

Acworth, GA

"The Purple Rose Supply Cannagar Mold was amazingly easy to use out of the box and now I create my own waxed, keef, multi-strain cannabis cigars and seriously get to enjoy my cigar for HOURS!! It’s a winner in my opinion and a must have if you want to save money by not spending $250+ in a dispensary per cigar. This was my best purchase ever saving me tons of cash in the long run. I love and swear by this product because it does exactly what it’s supposed to do, elevate your high! I enjoy it while I play online poker for hours at a time and smoking it makes my game a lot more fun."


  • G2 CannaMold Kit – Personal

    Kick your feet up and indulge in an hour long solo session with our Cannagar Mold. The Personal holds 2-4 grams so you can enjoy the smooth, slow burn of a Cannagar (without having to use up too much flower). Want to learn more? Check out the description for more info.

  • G2 CannaMold Kit – Large

    Go down as a legend with our G2 Cannagar Mold Large (aka the Executive). It easily holds 10-14 grams and lasts for hours. 2 years ago, we gave a Cannagar to our friend, Tommy…legend has it, he’s still smoking it. It’s some boss level sh*t. Check out the description for more info.

  • G2 CannaMold Kit – Small

    Our favorite size, the G2 Canngar Mold Small (aka Mini Cannon), can be enjoyed by yourself or passed around for a smooth hour-long smoke session. It’s versatile so you can choose to pack anywhere from 3.5-7 grams. Pro-tip: break the bud by hand to use less flower or use a grinder and pack to full capacity. The next kickback is …

  • Wooden Tips (Pack of 10)

    Want some additional mouthpieces for your Cannagar creations? Get a pack of 10 wooden tips so you can continue to enjoy a classier feel.

  • Bamboo Skewers (Pack of 50)

    The skewers create a hole for the airflow and allow your Cannagar to hit super smooth. If you picked up a mold, your kit comes with a pack of 10 skewers. Pick up an additional pack of 50 wooden skewers to maximize the amount of cannagars you’re able to make.


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