G2 CannaMold Kit – Small – Fits 3.5-7g

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Our favorite size, the G2 Canngar Mold Small (aka Mini Cannon), can be enjoyed by yourself or passed around for a smooth hour-long smoke session. It’s versatile so you can choose to pack anywhere from 3.5-7 grams. Pro-tip: break the bud by hand to use less flower or use a grinder and pack to full capacity. The next kickback is gonna be lit. Check out the description for more info.

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How is a cannagar different from the average Wood or J? A cannabis cigar provides an elevated smoking experience as a slow-burning, full-flavored roll that lasts for hours. You’ll get the smoothest smoking experience possible and the ability to customize to your liking. The Bamboo Skewers are added to the mold before you begin packing to create an airflow, which makes smoking a lot smoother. Cannagars are perfect when you feel like kicking your feet up like a boss and treating yourself. You’ll also go down as a legend whenever you whip out your Cannagar creation at a party. Cannabis cigars have changed the smoking game for the better, but instead of paying a ton of money at a dispensary for a pre-made, you can make your own at a fraction of the price with our molds and Cannagar Shells. Check out how you can easily make Cannagars in 4 easy steps once you have our product here.  When treating yourself, you shouldn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on something you can’t even tailor to your own preferences. Feel like using a backwood instead of hemp leaves? Want to add multiple strains or concentrates? We just provide the kit but leave it up to you to give yourself an unmatched smoking experience. Check out some of the dope creations our friends have made on Instagram @purplerosesupply.

Cannagar Size: Small

Fits: 3.5-7 grams (perfect for a small group of friends)
Smokes: 1-2 hours (dependent on how many people smoking and how heavy your lungs are)

Dimensions: 0.5 inch diameter x 2.75 inches long
Ring Gauge: 32


-Skewers – creates airflow which makes it super smooth
-Wooden tip – protects your lips and gives a classier feel
-Cannagar Mold – allows you to easily store and cure your dope cannabis cigar
-Built-in Funnel – easily pack your mold without the mess
-Packing Tool – helps you compress cannabis for a slow-burning experience



We know you’re going to love your Cannagar Mold. If you’re unhappy for any reason after receiving your mold, we’ll refund you on your order – 100%.

Additional information

Weight 8.5 oz
Dimensions 9.5 × 3.75 × 1.75 in

78 reviews for G2 CannaMold Kit – Small – Fits 3.5-7g

  1. Jonathan

    Really surprised with the quality! These work great!

  2. edward velasquez (verified owner)

    This thing is amazing! I was able to easily pack 6 grams of flower into this and it lasted about an hour and a half!!! Awesome product, Tysm!!!!

  3. Kevin S (verified owner)

    This thing is wonderful. Got the small one for me and a few buddies to enjoy and ohhhh man have we enjoyed it. Lasts for hours. Easy to use. Everything you need. What more is there to say? Thanks Purple Rose Supply!

  4. Rob Keith (verified owner)

    Makes a perfect cannagar every time. Perfect for parties, wish I had the personal, one of these small bad boys is way to big for 1 person. 6 grams of premium flower and 1 gram of concentrate crumble and I glued it all down with thc distillate…. burn time about 70-80 minutes

  5. David Johnson

    This was my 2nd order and I haven’t loaded a bowl since!!!!
    I have recommended and demonstrated this product for friends and half way through packing, there showing me they’ve purchased 1 for themselves.
    Mosdef has changed the way blaze down HWY420!!!!

  6. J.M. (verified owner)

    10/10, would recommend.

  7. Travis (verified owner)

    These things are amazing, best purchase ive made in a while.

  8. Jorge (verified owner)

    Well if you ever wanted to make a cannagar and not dig deep into your pockets then your in the right place. I went with the small so I can smoke with a few friends. I can fit 7 grams very packed and it lasted over an hour. This is perfect to relax with your good buddies or to have at a party. Don’t sleep on this one.

  9. Isac

    Highly would recommend . If you like to smoke fatties this is the right product for you

  10. Andrew b

    I love it!!

  11. Jasper (verified owner)

    Purchased my mold it came within that same week, definitely did not disappoint does exactly what the video shows. Great product and even better quality.

  12. Sam (verified owner)

    Pretty good. I should have got a larger size it’s quite small, could barley fit 6 grams in it let alone 7g like advertised. It’s okay tho

    • Purple Rose Supply

      Hey Sam,

      Thanks for the comment! You want to make sure you’re grinding up the weed a little more and pressing down really hard on the packing tool to get it compressed. The most I’ve ever seen done in the Small CannaMold is 8g. Hope that helps!

  13. Rich (verified owner)

    This is one of the best devices I ever owned… ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  14. Joseph Reynoso Jr (verified owner)

    A game changer. A great investment for anyone looking to step up their smoking game .

  15. Jim (verified owner)

    Great products I have a small and the personal.

  16. martinarredondo1234 (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product! Easy to use and high-quality build! I recently purchased a personal size mold because of how impressed I was with their small mold! Don’t spend tons of money buying premade cigars when you can get as custom and creative as you’d like with these molds. Perfect gift!

  17. Jaime Romero

    I want to try it so bad I am waiting for it but somethings wrong with Amazon

  18. Bobby Blood (verified owner)

    Quality over quantity I’ve bought three to four of the competitors cannagar molds and this one is now my absolute favorite by far. The people working on these molds are ahead of the curve.

  19. JaeRod (verified owner)

    Love this tool, the only regret I have was not getting the large one which I will be getting, Thank you for putting together such and easy tool to use when you want to smoke like a boss.

  20. Rafael Tejeda (verified owner)

    Really great lasts you up to 1hr+ this was my first time getting a cannargar its everything you expect

  21. Travis Benjamin (verified owner)

    Was better than expected. Easy to use. Smoked amazing slow. Lasted about 1.5 hr between myself and a friend. Would highly recommend. 2 of my friends bought one after smoking with them. Only takes about 10 min tops to fill. ( I have the small mold holds about 3-3.5 G’s. Was very surprised by how well and evenly it burned and smoked. 5 out of 5 stars!!!

  22. Baltazar Diaz (verified owner)

    Really happy with my purchase this is a great quality product very easy to use

  23. Oscar Rodriguez (verified owner)

    But thing I’ve bought yet.. I want another one everyone in my family loves it nd their all gonna get one much love guys thanks alot

  24. Thea (verified owner)

    I was hand crafting my molds at first but this little gift makes the process way faster- I love it. Gonna order the larger one next!

  25. Tamika Henderson (verified owner)

    I’m so in love! My new favorite toy.

  26. Kenneth Spires (verified owner)

    Life changing experience.

  27. Eduardo (verified owner)

    Just sparked my first cigar after curing overnight, I was able to pack 7 grams of flower and about a gram of concentrates and I still had a little room to pack half a gram of flower this product is well built and can def handle a good packing so don’t be afraid to get a little rough and pack it tight and you will get amazing results.

  28. monicabeaman40 (verified owner)

    I just purchased my small mold and I’ve used it already about 4 times each cannagar put together with perfect and the experience of smoking it is something else!!! A definite great buy!!!

  29. Jay juice (verified owner)

    Excellent makes cannagar effortlessly

  30. Jaya Adrianna

    Amazing products must cop

  31. Ian finnian

    Thinking about getting the large

  32. Ian finnian

    Thinking about getting the large to make larger cigars

  33. Amin McLaughlin

    This is the best creation I’ve seen for smoking, it enhances the flavor every pull is like heaven, and it burns so slow that it is almost Ridiculous I love this product I’ve been smoking for almost 30yrs I recommended this to every smoker on this planet. Peace.

  34. Les (verified owner)

    This enhanced my smoking experience to the max I have only have on good complaint I brought the small and just fit 9gs in it when it says the max is 7.5 lol. Not really a complaint who doesn’t love more bang for your buck so it’s totally worth it!

  35. Santos Chavez (verified owner)

    used it with some grandaddy purple, really sticky! It worked like a champ! Nice smooth taste! It’s awesome!!!

  36. SteelHaze (verified owner)

    What better way to unwind and medicate than with a self made cannagar! Easy to make just follow the instructions and you’re golden but be patient…good things come to those who wait, enjoy!

  37. Ryan Pigeon

    Just an amazing product, was going to wast the money on buying a cannagar untill I seen this, and boy am I glad I bought it, got the personal as the small looked to small for me and I have to say I was not wrong. Very easy to use a little hard if your going for the pure cannagar wrapped with leaves like me but rolled one with a tabacoo leaf thing looks like a professional rolled cigar. All around amazing product

  38. JOE LUCAS (verified owner)

    Love the mold, perfect size for sharing or just for personal! Actually thinking about getting the bigger one!

  39. Jamar (verified owner)

    This is the greatest thing since slice bread, with the tool you creativity is endless

  40. djmorrow29 (verified owner)

    Product exceeded my expectations, overall amazing! Need one more tip though!

  41. Michael Lanham (verified owner)

    This product is very durable and very easy to use. I reccomend this product to any personal user or company that enjoys a good cannagar. I will be a return customer as well as I will continue to spread word of mouth . One proud owner . Keep blazing and stay amazing….. Thanks for making cannagars easy to make.

  42. Joey (verified owner)

    I’ve always wanted to smoke a cannagar but to buy one was almost impossible. When I seen this product I got excited and when it showed up I packed one right away only to realise that I didn’t have any thing to wrap it in, you don’t need to wrap it you can smoke it as is lol I give this a 10 out of 10 and clean I found q tips and your fingers. Rub the mold with your finger like your trying to make finger hash and wipe out with the q tip

  43. Amando (verified owner)

    No one does it better than Purple Rose Supply
    Perfection ever time

  44. Kevin Marshall (verified owner)

    I haven’t got to try it yet.but I will get herb this week.but so far I like it.I got the small one.when I get my herb this week.I will take some pics.and/or make a video of me making it.but from what I got in my order.I’m proud of it.thanks purple rose supply.your the best.

  45. Jose Carranza (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved this mold. I be smoking these beautiful big ol doinks that are super slow burning. I highly recommend for anyone who loves smoking big fat doinks. Super easy to use and clean.

  46. Erika (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this! We tried out ours the other day to celebrate our engagement! It smokes so well, slow burning, all sides burned evenly. It’s so worth it!

  47. BooNapolis (verified owner)

    Very nice didn’t expect it to be that small but it’s definitely worth it I’ll definitely be getting the large one next. Thanks

  48. tromadan (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing product! Got the personal and the G2 – small. Both are absolutely amazing and highly recommended! Will definitely eventually be picking up the large.

  49. Shauna McClelland (verified owner)

    The shipping on my order was FAST! This is one of the best little tools that I now have in my ‘elevation’ arsenal! I packed this baby up and let it sit overnight and since I’m the only one smoking in it after a hard day of working at home, this has become my stress reliever in the evening. I smoke on one of these babies for the week! One of my best investments so far!! I’ve been recommending this packer to all of my friends ?

  50. Rich (verified owner)

    My wife bought this for me and its amazing I love it. Thinking about getting a bigger one. Will buy again.

  51. Keaton Rousse (verified owner)

    This thing is awesome it makes beautiful cannagars and they are smooth and the perfect thing after a long say i definitely recommend letting it sit over night to age to perfection

  52. Dvon Washington (verified owner)

    Love this product especially the slow burn.

  53. Niphone Vongdang

    Best cannagar mold out there !

  54. David

    Best cannagar mold! Great price and construction. Very convenient and simple. I smoked out a group of 7 ppl with a 7g and it burned over 2hrs and we didn’t even finish it! Awesome! Will buy the bigger size next! Thank You Purple Rose!

  55. Javier Cabiya (verified owner)


  56. Theron (verified owner)

    Love this little guy all my homei are blown away when they see the finished product…. Then we spend the next two hours getting baked 💭💭😎

  57. Carlos (verified owner)

    Smooth smoking, simple to use/easy instructions. If you’re a creative person like me your going to have fun making one!

  58. Melina (verified owner)

    I love it !! If you like backwoods it goes great with that leaf !!!!!

  59. mlk27052320 (verified owner)

    Compress herb enough but make sure not to compress herb to much because then barely smokes

  60. mlk27052320 (verified owner)

    Just wish had cannagar molds in stock more often so could actually try and true cannagar

    • Raveena Cheema (verified owner)

      thanks for the feedback, fam! check out https://www.nativeleafco.com/ to reserve your spot for hemp leaves to make your true cannagar :).

  61. Matt (verified owner)

    It’s amazing how easy is to produce a long lasting and great tasting cannagar. Sky is the limit with layering flavors and colors.

  62. Monkey Allen (verified owner)

    Awesome product. I have the small size and I couldn’t believe how much flower could be packed into the mold. Now I just have to wait for my first one to cure.

  63. Will G.

    Small Cannagar never disappoints and does the job To Smoke Like A Boss! This is my 2nd Small Cannagar mold I have now and immediate satisfaction guaranteed as usual!! This never gets old since it’s always a treat smoking a well packed Purple Rose Cannagar especially after it’s cured properly and allowed to without the need to immediately spark it up. That is why I also have a Purple Rose storage tube with a Boveda humidity control packet to cure it properly!! Last me 4-6 hours to kill one of these Small Cannagar Monster Cigars. I highly recommend this product and the Storage Tube they offer as well! Elevate The Way You Medicate and Smoke Like A Boss………………

  64. John (verified owner)

    I just received the small Cannagar mold and pressed almost 8 grams into it. I hope I didn’t overpack it like one of the reviews warns about. However, I cant wait to try it! The customer service I received from Purple Rose was awesome. They seem to really care about your buying experience and are confident that you will be happy with your order. The item itself appears to be made very well made and should last for a long time. Thanks Purple Rose! Keep up the good work.

  65. Theresa (verified owner)

    I purchased the Small Cannagar kit with additional tips. I was very excited to get my new toy and try it out. Its very nice having rolled or one and it last for days or weeks for me. In a group setting hours. You can be on the move and not have to worry about a bowl or rolling another. My first try it didn’t mold firmly even after 24 hours, waiting on the second. It was a party pleaser.

    • Raveena Cheema (verified owner)

      Thanks for the feedback, Theresa! You want to make sure to compress very firmly each step of the way. Let me know if you have any questions/trouble. Happy to help :).

  66. Mandrill

    Best thing I have ever purchased. It’s such a smooth smoke and burns so slow. I have had it for 2 weeks now and have used nothing else. Great job guys👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  67. Ben

    Absolutely LOVE this thing!!! Never realized until my first session how enjoyable this can be!! As a long time cigar smoker transitioned to cannabis this is a MUST HAVE!!! I love to give this a 2 day rest and 5.5g gives me around 2 hours of smoke time! Super fun! Word to the wise, buy both sizes, or the bundle because you’ll love this so much you’ll want to have options for different length sessions!

  68. Joe Chapa (verified owner)

    Works great I just have problems with keeping the stick in mine straight I know it probably doesn’t affect it , just being a Little OCD about it. Also wish it came with more tips hopefully I get blessed with a care pack from my people at PurpleRoseSupply . Other than that smokes like a BOSS thanks for this Boss level s***!!

  69. Mark petrin (verified owner)

    I enjoy the purple rose cannigar mold. They sm9ke like a regular cigar. I purchased the small one but am definately gonna get the large one also. They come complete and ready to go

  70. J (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this unit, my smoking experience has become more pleasant:)

  71. J (verified owner)

    Very happy !

  72. Sara Tonin @ Weed Witch (verified owner)

    There was a shipping error with my order and only part of it was sent out; all it took was a quick email to get things sorted out and a reship was sent out the same day. Painless! As for the product itself, it works exactly as advertised and I consistently get gorgeous cannagars every time. I have several different molds from many different brands, but this is the one I keep coming back to because it’s consistent and very easy to use. If you have any issues w/ your cannagars sticking to the mold, just apply a very small amount of salve or chapstik to the mold and wipe it out with a paper towel. The residue won’t fuck w/ your smokes but it will make them pop out of the mold easier.

  73. Rene Vargas (verified owner)

    Best purchase I’ve made in awhile! My cannagar game is on point now! Gotta love the look on my friends faces when I bust one out lol.

  74. flavio castro

    product is super clean and dope, safes me alot of weed

  75. Mr. Ropur

    I’ve been rolling cannagars for years and this is amazing! I infuse mine with THC diamonds and this mold holds a tight core even with the diamonds spread throughout the cannagar! I am SOLD FOR LIFE! I will be purchasing the large mold next. If I could give it 100 stars I would!

  76. Reggie (verified owner)

    Man this is perfect. I wish i would’ve found this years ago. Good job Purple Rose!!!

  77. Cain (verified owner)

    Felt pretty wasteful since the cigar is constantly burning and the smoke really isn’t as thick as a good blunt. Eventually we got the hang of it and started drawing from it correctly. Great for the novelty of it

  78. Michael Henderson (verified owner)

    I bought 3. 2 for me and one lucky friend will get one for Christmas. It is absolutely awesome

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