Cannagar Mold Cleaning Kit Instructions


  • Take out bottles, they will be empty
  • Fill bottle labeled ”Step 1” with 50/50 Water & Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol 
  • Fill bottle labeled “Step 2” with Water


  • Use a large brush from the cleaning kit and remove any excess herb from the interior of your closed CannaMold.
  • Spray 2 sprays of the bottle labeled “Step 1” on one corner of the microfiber cloth. Open your CannaMold and wipe down the interior to remove any sticky residue from your last cannagar. Let the inside of the CannaMold air dry. (do not use alcohol on outside of your CannaMold, it will strip the paint.)
  • Use the thinner set of brushes to clean any bud stuck inside of the packing tool. To clean outside of packing tool, spray with water and wipe clean.
  • Spray outside of CannaMold with bottle labeled “Step 2” and wipe dry with microfiber cloth.

CannaMold should be cleaned before or after every use so that cannagar cores come out solid and do not stick to the mold. Keeping your kit clean will also make sure you are able to compress the packing tool all the way down into the packing chamber. 


  • Spray glass tip with rubbing alcohol.
  • Take a small brush from the cleaning kit and scrub inside of tip to remove any residue.
  • Rinse with water.
  • Let glass tip fully dry before use.

Cleaning kit can also be used to clean out Smoking Pipes, Bong Bowls, Grinders, and any other smoking accessory that the brushes fit into to keep your smoking sessions on a boss level.