Use the latch to lock the mold together. Insert the pointy end of a clean skewer through the bottom hole. Flat end of skewer should be at bottom of CannaMold.

Place a little ground-up flower into the built-in mold funnel and use the packing tool to firmly pack your product in.

Use a little flower at a time and pack as you go for maximum compression.

Make sure to press down hard on each pack with your packing tool and don’t be afraid to put some weight on it.

The tighter you pack it, the slower it will burn!


We recommend storing your packed mold in a cool, dry place for a minimum of 4 days. Your cannabis cigar will burn slower and smoother the longer it’s left in the mold.


Unlock your mold and carefully remove the Cannagar core by using both thumbs to gently roll your core out.

Wrap with wrap of your choice, but traditional Cannagars are wrapped around green leaves (check out our Hemp Shells).

Get creative by adding some wax or concentrates on the outside of your core for a personalized touch. Use the included glass tip for a classy feel and to protect your lips from the hot smoke.

Remove your skewer to create the perfect airflow. Light your cannagar with a torch lighter and enjoy.

How do I hydrate a Native Leaf?

To hydrate your leaf, start by filling a cup with warm-hot water. Carefully submerge your leaf in water for 1-10 seconds. When your leaf is fully flexible, gently pat dry with a towel to remove excess moisture before rolling.

How to care for your 42g CannaMold

Clean the inside of your Cannagar mold with a rubbing alcohol. This makes it easier to take your finished Cannagar out. Be sure to only clean the inside of your CannaMold with rubbing alcohol. For the outside of your mold, just lightly moisten a towel with water and wipe down.

For best results, this cleaning kit has everything you need to keep your CannaMold A1.



Here are the proper care methods for the humidor! You’ll read about when to season, easiest ways to keep humidity levels up inside, and how to care for humidor.

Here are the proper care methods for the humidor! You’ll read about when to season, easiest ways to keep humidity levels up inside, and how to care for humidor.

Seasoning humidor 

Your Humidor needs to be seasoned in order to provide the best humidity for your Cannagars. Season the humidor by setting a size 67 RH 62% Boveda in to humidor, or a size 67 RH 58% pack can be used in humid climate areas or coastal areas. This is the easiest way to season the humidor and keep humidity level up in the humidor.

After seasoning the humidor, the relative humidity (RH) will spike up, which is normal because the wood is adjusting to the new humidity levels. You may safely begin storing with the humidor 2-3 days after initially seasoning.

If you don’t have a Boveda Pack, the sponge inside the rust-resistant magnetic box included with the humidor can be used to season also, but should only be used in extremely dry climates because once soaked in a 50/50 water and PG solution, it will produce an RH of 70% (way too high.) This will increase the risk of moldy bud. 

How to care for humidor

To care for the humidor, the Boveda pack can be changed once it starts to feel sandy/hardened. This will ensure the RH does not drop in the humidor. It is best to do this right away so the 2-3 day seasoning process does not have to be done again. The humidor does not need cleaning unless molded herb is stored inside and mold is seen growing on the inside.