Purple Rose Supply: Cannamold & Humidor Tips & Tricks

Learn to season and prime your humidor as well as properly roll your 42 gram Cannagar!

Seasoning Your Humidor Before First Use



Our humidor is built from solid mahogany, unlike common tobacco humidors that are built from cedar. We opted for mahogany so the natural woody aromas would not affect your herb’s terpenes or flavor notes. Please make sure to follow these instructions carefully to season your humidor before your first use:

Step 1: Unbox your humidor and remove all of the contents inside.

Step 2: You should find two different Boveda Two-Way Humidity Control Packs:

  • One 84% for seasoning
  • One 62% for maintenance

Step 3: For this initial seasoning step, you will need the 84% Boveda pack.

Step 4: Remove the 84% Boveda pack from its packaging and place it in the bottom chamber of the empty humidor. Please ensure that the humidor is entirely empty except for the 84% Boveda pack until the seasoning process is done. Humidity levels this high are only intended for humidor seasoning and may cause damage to contents.

Step 5: This 84% Boveda pack must remain undisturbed inside the empty humidor for 14 consecutive days. Please leave the humidor firmly shut and stored in a cool dark place during this entire period. 

Step 6: After the humidor has been seasoned for 14 days, you may open the humidor and dispose of the 84% Boveda pack. Your Hygrometer should read 84% humidity now. Replace the 84% Boveda pack with the 62% Boveda pack immediately.

NOTE: If your hygrometer does not read 84% after the 2 weeks, you may need to recalibrate it. Start by carefully removing the hygrometer from the humidor by applying pressure to the back side with 2 fingers. Use a screwdriver to move the reader to 84. After calibrated. Place your hygrometer back into place by ensuring it is straight then firmly but gently push in to pop into place. After adding the 62% Boveda to the humidor, your hygrometer should drop down to 62% after 24 hours.

Step 7: Please leave this 62% Boveda pack inside of the humidor for an additional 24 hours before using the humidor. This 24-hour period will allow the humidor to stabilize back down to its intended maintenance humidity.

Step 8: After 24 hours have passed with the 62% Boveda pack inside, your humidor has now seasoned for a total of 15 days and is ready to use! Please leave the 62% Boveda pack inside to maintain proper ongoing humidity.

PLEASE NOTE: For optimal humidor conditions, we recommend replacing the 62% maintenance packs as they wear out and re-seasoning your humidor with a new 84% seasoning pack every 3 months.

42.0g Packing Process


Step 1: Close the latches on the CannaMold and insert the skewer from the bottom. Place the CannaMold upright on a flat surface or table.

Step 2: Drop a small amount of ground bud into the built-in mold funnel and firmly compress with the packing tool to ensure a strong foundation. The first part of packing the CannaMold is the most important to prevent the core from breaking later!

Step 3: Repeat the above Step 2 until the CannaMold is filled to capacity. Make sure to compress every time more flower is added, to ensure a tight and firm core.

Note: It is recommended to apply force on a sturdy table or surface to ensure a stronger core and longer burn time.

Warning: Please take your time to avoid injury in the packing process given that the skewer is metal. We are not liable to injuries due to misuse, abuse, or negligence during the use of this product.

42.0g Curing Process

After packing the CannaMold, do not open it yet.
Place it inside your seasoned humidor for a minimum of four days.
Note: Please ensure the humidor has been fully seasoned for the 15-day process prior to placing the CannaMold or any cannabis inside.
While four days sounds long, the large amount of bud inside requires more time for the herb particles to bind together under pressure.

We wouldn't want you to spend all the time packing it, curing for only two days, and having the cannagar core break.

Disclaimer: Since the herb's age, moisture content, grind consistency, and user's strength impacts the cannagar compression, your results may vary.

42.0g Rolling Process

After your cannabis has cured inside the CannaMold for at least four days, let's get ready to roll! As with any cannagar, feel free to use any paper or wrap you’re comfortable handling. This can range from Backwoods, Grabba, Fronto, or the included Native Leaf Co. LUCY hemp wraps.

Due to the size of the 42g cannabis core, most wraps will require some assembly to construct a larger sheet before rolling the core up.

How To Prepare Your Native Leaf Co. LUCY Wraps:

Step 1: Hydrate your LUCY wraps with hot water per the instructions on the package. You will need at least six wraps but we've included nine wraps to account for accidents – it never hurts to have extra.

Step 2: Place the hydrated Native Leaf LUCY wraps lengthwise as shown in the image below.

Step 3: Lightly apply a line of the included plant-based glue along the edges of the individual wraps as shown in the image. Please make sure to brush the glue in the direction of the veins on the leaf for the smoothest application.

Step 4: Gently align the individual LUCY wraps as shown and firmly apply pressure to seal the wraps together into one large sheet.

Step 5: Set this assembled and hydrated sheet aside for the next step. Don’t wait too long or it may dry out.

How To Release Your Cannagar Core:

Step 1: Remove the CannaMold from the humidor and place it on an even table with the latches facing up.

Step 2: Release the latches and slowly open the CannaMold.

Step 3: Using both hands, evenly place your thumbs across the cannabis core and with a rolling motion, it should gently release out of the mold.

Note: Be sure to use your two thumbs to roll the core out sideways, instead of plucking or pulling it out with the skewer.

Step 4: Now that you have a compressed Cannabis Core and Native Leaf Wraps hydrated and assembled into a sheet, roll as you please!

Note: After you complete rolling your 42g cannagar, do not roast it with a lighter or torch. We recommend letting it air dry for a few minutes instead of risking the wrap or cannagar breaking. 

For customers with smaller hands, we recommend table rolling it on a flat surface. Feel free to challenge yourself with a hand-roll technique as you get more experienced.

Do not get frustrated if you can’t get it perfect on the first try! As with many things, it could take a few trials and error to really get the hang of it – but once you do, you’ll be showing up to every party with a minimum of 42 grams.