Why You Should Ditch the Spliffs for Canna Cigars

Hemp spliff partially smoked resting on an ashtray upon a wooden table.

Blunts, spliffs, cannagars, bongs, joints — everyone has a favorite way to consume cannabis. While there’s no one-size-fits-all best way to get stoned, there are definitely some methods with more pros than others. Today, Purple Rose Supply is here to tell you why you should consider pressing a cannagar instead of rolling a spliff for your next smoke sesh. 

What is a Spliff?

Generally, a “spliff” refers to a joint packed with both weed and tobacco. 

If you’ve spent time in Jamaica or the United Kingdom, you might have heard people call a regular joint a “spliff.” However, in the United States, a spliff almost always refers to a blend of cannabis and tobacco wrapped up in a rolling paper. 

Do Spliffs Have Tobacco in Them?

Yes, American spliffs contain tobacco. The blend of cannabis and tobacco is the defining feature of a spliff. Some folk etymology sources even claim that the name “spliff” came from “splitting the difference” between weed and tobacco. 

Do Spliffs Get You Higher Than Joints?

Die-hard spliff fans often claim that smoking a spliff will get you higher than toking on a regular joint. However, there’s no evidence to suggest this is true. Though spliffs usually produce a more energetic, buzzy high due to the tobacco content, spliffs don’t actually get you any higher than regular joints. 

In fact, spliffs usually contain less weed than joints (and far less flower than cannagars). When you smoke a spliff, you’re consuming less cannabis — and getting less high. 

What is a Canna Cigar?

A canna cigar, also known as a cannagar, cannabis cigar, or weed cigar, is a smoking method made from compressed, cured cannabis flower. 

Cannagars are exceptionally smooth and flavorful, and they burn slowly and evenly. For more information on cannagars, including how to make one of your own, check out our guide here

Is There Tobacco in a Canna Cigar?

There doesn’t need to be. Traditionally, cannabis cigars are made from nothing but cannabis nestled in your wrap of choice. Pure cannabis flower is compressed and typically rolled in a slow-burning hemp wrap to create a cannagar. 

That said, you can customize your own smoking experience with Purple Rose Supply’s cannagar molds. We won't stop you if you really want to add some tobacco to your flower mixture or wrap your cannagar in a tobacco leaf blunt wrap. 

3 Reasons Why Cannagars are Better Than Spliffs

It’s hard to beat a cannagar. Here are three reasons to choose a cannagar over a spliff the next time you spark up. 

1. Avoid Harmful Chemicals with Tobacco-Free Cannagars

First and foremost, cannagars are naturally free from tobacco, unlike spliffs. The harmful effects of the chemicals in tobacco are well-documented; cancer, lung problems, heart disease, and overall reduced health and wellness are all excellent reasons to avoid tobacco use as much as possible. 

The traditional cannagar, however, is made from pure cannabis flower and wrapped in a hemp leaf or hemp paper wrap. Because the central compressed core is solely cannabis, canna cigars can easily be totally free from tobacco and the harmful chemicals associated with tobacco. 

2. Cannagars are Naturally Nicotine-Free

Because cannagars are tobacco-free, they contain absolutely no nicotine. If you’re quitting cigarettes or trying to stop vaping, avoiding nicotine in every form — including spliffs — is essential. Nicotine also produces a buzz, particularly if you aren’t a regular consumer. If you consume cannabis to help you relax, like many people, this effect can be unpleasant. 

Cannagars, on the other hand, are easy to make entirely free from nicotine. With cannagars, you won’t be ingesting addictive nicotine or getting jittery from too much tobacco. You’ll be free to use a relaxing indica cultivar, an uplifting sativa cultivar, or a balanced hybrid — and you’ll be able to really feel and appreciate the unique effects.  

3. Cannagars Let You Taste the Flower

Because they’re partially filled with tobacco, spliffs often taste like tobacco smoke. One of the best parts of smoking weed is getting to taste and smell the unique terpenes and flavors of each cultivar you try — why would you cover that up with an intense tobacco flavor?

Taste is another huge point for cannagars: because they burn so slowly and evenly, cannagars are one of the best ways to really taste your cannabis flower. When you smoke a cannagar wrapped in a high-quality hemp leaf, all you’ll taste is the weed. You can even curate a tasty blend of strains and mix or layer them in a creative cannagar

Buy the Best Nicotine-Free Cannagar Supplies

You'll need some supplies if you’re ready to try cannagars next time you smoke. Purple Rose Supply carries everything you need to press the perfect canna cigar, from high-quality canna cigar molds to tobacco-free wraps and everything in between. Whether you press a mini cannagar or roll up a half-ounce cannon of a cannabis cigar, we’re willing to bet that the first puff will have you wondering how you ever smoked spliffs in the first place.
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