What Are the Best Ways to Get a Big Group High?

There’s nothing more fun than getting stoned with a big group of friends, but sometimes it can take a lot of weed to get the job done — not to mention the inconvenience of having to stop and roll another joint or blunt partway through the sesh. Purple Rose Supply has you covered, whether you want to save weed or toke with your friends for hours without taking a break to pack another bowl. Here are the three best ways to get all your friends simultaneously stoned.


1. Bake Some Homemade Cannabis Edibles

It’s no secret that edibles can pack a major punch, so they’re a great way to stretch your weed and get more people stoned with less. Making your edibles is cheaper and more fun than buying them from a dispensary, and it lets you customize your dose and precisely get the type of snack you want. 

How to Dose DIY Edibles 

The biggest downside to making your edibles is that it involves some math and guesswork. You can do calculations to try and determine precisely how much THC is in each serving, but there will always be some variation. If you’re unwilling to break out a pencil, paper, and a calculator — and try the edible beforehand to double-check — then you’re better off choosing a different method to get all your friends stoned at your next kickback. 


2. Set Up a Hotbox so You Don’t Waste Any Weed

When passing a blunt, joint, or cannagar around your smoke circle, you will inevitably be wasting a bit of weed as your smoking method burns between tokes. Hotboxing won’t make your friends puff, puff, pass any faster, but it will stop you from wasting the smoke that gets away. 


What is Hotboxing?

Hotboxing refers to smoking weed in a confined space so that no smoke gets away. It’s a great way to make the most of your weed, and it’s also a lot of fun to chill in a smoky hotbox with a few of your best friends. 


Does a Hotbox Get You Higher?

Many people claim that hotboxing gets you higher than smoking in an open area — and evidence suggests that they’re probably right. The smoke that gets away between tokes stays inside the hotbox with you, so you’ll still inhale it. 


How to Hotbox 

Hotboxing is easy. All you’ll need is a joint, blunt, or cannagar, a few friends, and a small, relatively airtight space to smoke in. 


3. Roll A Canna Cigar to Get All Your Friends Stoned

When you want to taste your flower, impress your friends, smoke for hours, avoid nicotine, and get a big group stoned at once, you can’t beat a cannagar. Different sizes are great for different occasions — here’s a quick guide on which one might be right for you, depending on how many people you’re hoping to smoke out. 


Smoking Up a Dinner Party? You Want the Personal Cannagar Mold

When you’re getting high with a few people, the Personal G2 Cannagar Mold is the perfect size. Don’t let the name fool you — it fits up to four grams and burns up to an hour, making it ideal for sharing between a few people at a dinner party, double date, or small kickback. 


Getting the Wedding Party Lit? You Need the Small Cannabis Cigar Mold

More and more people are incorporating weed into their weddings, and you must have a special smoke for such a special occasion. A Small G2 Cannagar Kit will roll the perfect-sized cannabis cigar to get the whole wedding party lifted, whether you’re at a bachelor or bachelorette party or celebrating the newlyweds at the reception. This cannagar mold can hold up to seven grams and burns for up to three hours, so it’s perfect for slightly larger groups. 


Smoking Out a 4/20 Blowout Bash? Bring Out the Large Cannagar Press

If you’re having a weed-themed party, smoking with a huge group, or just sharing your cannagar with a crew with super high tolerances, you will want to go for the Large G2 Cannagar Mold. This bad boy holds up to 14 grams — a half ounce — and burns for up to six hours. Bringing one of these to a 4/20 (or 7/10) party will surely make you the star of the show, and there will be more than enough to go around when everyone there wants a hit. 


For a Party of One or Two, the Mini Cannagar Mold Will Do

You don’t need a big group to have a party — sometimes the best seshes are solos or shared with one great friend. If you’re more concerned about the quality of your smoking sesh than the quantity of weed you consume, the Mini G2 Cannagar Mold is perfect. It fits about a gram and burns up to half an hour, so it’s ideal for those chill, “every day is a special occasion” days. 


Score a Canna Cigar Rolling Kit for Your Next Group Hang

When prepping for your next party, kickback, or big smoke sesh, Purple Rose Supply has everything you need to supply the group with delicious, long-lasting cannagars. Choose the best size for you, assemble a bundle, and get rolling. There’s a cannagar mold to get any group stoned, whether you’re smoking with a couple of your closest friends or everyone you know. Happy toking!

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