Best Stoner Gift Ideas

Holidays, birthdays, or any special occasion, we gathered a list of the best gifts for any of your stoner friends.

Longest Lasting Smoke Sesh - Cannagar Mold 

Gift the homie unlimited long lasting smoke sessions with a a kit that allows them to create their own Cannagars. This Canna Mold kit comes in personal size that allows 2-4 g to burn for almost an hour. Gift the experience of creating your own cannabis cigar that burns longer than an average joint - gram for gram.

It comes with  skewers, a wooden tip, a cannagar mold, a built-in funnel, and a packing tool to compress cannabis. Surely, this would be the best gift of your friend's life. And there are chances that he secretly wishes to get his hands on the G2 CannaMold Kit from Purple Rose Supply.

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Luxury Doob Tube - CannaTube

There are a lot of cannatubes available online, but the Purple Rose Supply cannatube is a premium quality luxury doob tube. You can keep your pre-rolled cannagars, joints, or blunts in it as it has a built-in slot for a 4-gram Boveda pack. You can keep it in the tube for as long as possible without worrying about the freshness. 

The cannatube is great for storing your fresh or even half-smoked cannagar to enjoy later. Cannatube gives that perfect balance of humidity inside so leave the struggles of dry and overly moist flower behind.

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Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed

If you could not find anything for your stoner friend who has a passion for cooking, then here is your chance. A Viceland television series inspires this amazing cookbook. 

It contains 65 recipes, which is far above your average cooking game. The book includes some fancy dishes you get served at five-star or seven-star restaurants. You'll find recipes for sweet and savory broth. Your stoner friend will love it. And not only that, you might be invited when a recipe from the book is being tried.

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Native Leaf Wrap

Gift your homies a  smoke experience you truly can’t get anywhere else. The most natural wrap on the market, Native Leaves are whole-leaf hemp wraps. That’s right, herb wrapped in herb.

A smoking experience you’ve been missing out on. Even papers can leave behind a taste that alters your herb's natural flavor. Its like experiencing the flavor of your favorite strain for the first time all over again, but better. Gift an experience you didn’t think could be bought.
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Dime Bags - All-in-One Padded Pouch | Smell-Proof Pocket & Rolling Tray | Stash Bag

This padded pouch is perfect for the on-the-go stoner. With a hidden rolling tray and built-in, smell-proof pocket, it’s everything you need to keep your smoking materials safe. 

If a pouch isn’t what your homie needs right now, chose from an assortment of different styles and colors that match your homies lifestyle. From smell proof backpacks to take on your adventures to find the greatest smoke spot of all time, to small travel size bags you can throw anywhere. 

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Wackit - Electric Grinder

For the homie that hates the feeling of sticky fingers after hand-breaking their flower, this electric grinder is the perfect gift. This rechargeable electric grinder lets you prep your herb in seconds.

With patented ball and chain technology, break down your flower to your liking. Whether you’re looking for a coarse or fine textured consistency, the Wakit Grinder can do it all.

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Bowlz Magnetic Bowl Piece

An easy-to-ash and clean magnetic bowl piece that’s nearly impossible to break. Make life easier for your homie that grabs a bong as their go-to way of smoking.

This magnetic bowl is the first of its kind, with the ability to split in half, allowing users to clean the inside of the product without all the hassle that comes along with cleaning a traditional glass bowl piece.

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Mav glass

Any glass enthusiast would love a new piece to add to their collection. With Mav, gift your friend any high quality glass piece that fits their personality.

This top-selling pyramid beaker, designed with a pyramid slit perc, not only created a great visual but also diffuses and cools your smoke before passing through the UFO percs to create the smoothest hit possible! Choose from many of their unique pieces!

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I hope we could help you find the perfect gift for your stoner friend. Surprise your friend this time, and don't forget to record that precious surprised look on their face when they open your gift.

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