Can Blunts Get Mold? How to Keep Your Canna Cigar Fresh

There’s nothing more disappointing than rolling up a blunt, saving it for a special occasion, and realizing it’s gotten moldy by the time you’re ready to smoke. Today, Purple Rose Supply is here to tell you all about blunt mold — why it happens, what it looks like, and how to prevent it. Read on to never lose another blunt to mold again. 

Can Blunts Mold?

Yes, blunts and joints can get moldy. Virtually any natural material can grow mold under the right conditions. Cannabis flower, blunt wraps, and prerolled joints can all get moldy.


What Does Mold on a Blunt Look Like?

Natural variations in taste, color, and texture are some of the things that make weed so beautiful. However, there are a few telltale signs that you’re dealing with mold, not just variations in a natural product. 

  • Color: Blunt mold will typically be greyish-white or have a blue tinge. 
  • Texture: If the suspicious spots on your blunt are raised or three-dimensional, then it’s almost certainly mold. 
  • Permanence: Mold on blunts usually doesn’t come off cleanly. However, permanence shouldn’t be your only indicator because natural variations in your blunt wrap or flower also can’t be scraped off. 
  • Smell: If your blunt smells funkier than usual (think “rancid gym bag” instead of “pleasantly skunky”), mold could be to blame. `
  • UV Reactivity: Mold typically glows greenish-yellow under a blacklight, so if you’re trying to determine if your weed, blunt, cannagar, or joint is moldy, you can scan it with a UV light.

What Makes a Canna Cigar Mold?

The typical cause of weed mold is improper storage. Wet, warm, and unsanitary conditions can all encourage the growth of mold. 


However, even the most well-kept blunts can get moldy if the flower, blunt wraps, or storage container are already contaminated. Consuming tested, properly stored weed is essential whenever possible, and you should always adhere to the expiration dates on your flower, prerolls, and blunt wraps. Regularly clean and sanitize your grinder, stash spot, rolling tray, and blunt press with rubbing alcohol, especially if you live in a humid environment or have previously had problems with weed mold. 


What to Do if Your Cannagar Molds

If you’ve packed a good amount of weed into a joint, cannagar, or blunt only to find that it’s grown mold, it can be tempting to try and salvage it. However, it’s usually best to chalk it up to a loss and roll another one. 


Mold usually can’t be scraped cleanly off the surface of a blunt. Even if you remove the visible stuff, invisible mold spores go much deeper and have probably already spread throughout the rest of the blunt. Unrolling the flower and using a new wrap is also inadvisable, as it can’t ensure the elimination of unseeable spores. 


Mold can be extremely damaging to your health if smoked. Moldy weed tastes terrible and can lead to headaches, nausea, and even lung infections — so it’s definitely not something to mess around with. 


How to Keep a Cannagar or Blunt Fresh

Here are our favorite ways to keep our blunts, joints, and cannagars in peak condition. 

  1. Keep Your Blunts Cool.

    Warm conditions are more conducive to mold growth. If you know your climate is mold-prone or need to store a blunt for a while, you can pop it in your refrigerator in a protective tube. If you’re storing a cannagar, the cool temperatures can even help it cure. 
  2. Protect Your Cannagars.

    Storing your blunts and cannagars out of harm’s way helps prevent contamination that can lead to mold. Our CannaTubes are perfectly sized to fit a cannagar, protecting it and making it easy to transport.
  3. Clean Your Rolling Station.

    Keeping your grinder, rolling tray, cannagar mold, and storage area clean can also help minimize the chance that your blunts will mold. Our cleaning and maintenance kit has everything you need to keep your cannagar press — and the rest of your rolling setup — clean as a whistle. 
  4. Control the Humidity.

    You can’t do much about the weather, but you can control the humidity of your stash box. Two-way humidity control packs will keep your flower, blunts, and cannagars from drying out or getting too moist, ensuring a smooth smoke and mold-free blunt every time. Purple Rose Supply’s CannaTube has a compartment for a humidity pack built right in, so it’s a perfect blunt storage solution.


Purple Rose Supply Can Help Keep Your Blunts Fresh

Purple Rose Supply has you covered if you’re looking for supplies to keep your blunts and cannagars fresh and ready to smoke. Our storage solutions, cleaning kits, and cannagar accessories will help your cannagars, blunts, and joints last as long as possible, whether you’re stockpiling single-gram joints so you always have a quick smoke ready or rolling a 14-gram cannagar for a special occasion. Get smoking like a boss with Purple Rose Supply!

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