HOW TO: Crazy 6g Gar + Wax Snake

DIY 6 Gram Cannagar + Wax Snake

    1. Grind up flower
    2. Insert skewer through the bottom
    3. Add pinch of flower at a time
    4. Pack down (don’t be shy, pack down firmly)
    5. Repeat until full or your flower is gone
    6. Set aside and let cure (3hrs minimum or overnight)
    7. Once ready, use thumbs to roll your core out of the mold
    8. Hydrate your wrap (check out our homies @MillionBannanasWorld on IG)
    9. Table roll your core
    10. Seal it off with organic glue
    11. Roll your shatter into a snake
    12. Apply to your liking
    13. Add your tip
    14. Carefully remove your skewer
    15. Spark up with a torch
    16. Enjoy!
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Feel free to substitute any of these steps with your own favorites & be sure to tag us at @purplerosesupply on Instagram!

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