Best Buds: Small and Large Kit


Every session needs a bit of diversity, am I right? With the Small and Large Mold, you’ll set the perfect group atmosphere for a small kickback or a big group! This combo comes with a Small kit, Large kit, and accessories for both sizes! You also get a discount, but don’t tell them I said it.

How is a Cannagar different from the average backwood or joint? A cannabis cigar provides an elevated smoking experience as a slow-burning, full-flavored roll that lasts for hours. You’ll get the smoothest smoking experience possible and the ability to customize to your liking. The Bamboo Skewers are added to the mold before you begin packing to create an airflow, which makes smoking a lot smoother. Cannagars are perfect when you feel like kicking your feet up like a boss and treating yourself. You’ll also go down as a legend whenever you whip out your Cannagar creation at a party. Cannabis cigars have changed the smoking game for the better, but instead of paying a ton of money at a dispensary for a pre-made, you can make your own at a fraction of the price with our molds. Check out how you can easily make Cannagars in 3 easy steps once you have our product here.  When treating yourself, you shouldn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on something you can’t even tailor to your own preferences. Feel like using a backwood instead of hemp leaves? Want to add multiple strains or concentrates? We just provide the kit but leave it up to you to give yourself an unmatched smoking experience. Check out some of the dope creations our friends have made on Instagram @purplerosesupply.


We know you’re going to love your Cannagar Mold. If you’re unhappy for any reason after receiving your mold, we’ll refund you on your order – 100%.
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Fits 3.5-7g - SMALL - G2 CannaMold Kit

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Fits 10-14g - LARGE - G2 CannaMold Kit

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What’s a Cannagar?
A Cannagar is an all cannabis cigar made by compressing cannabis around a skewer and then rolling it with hemp or cannabis fan leaves. The process of compressing the cannabis around a skewer creates a slow-burning, full-flavored roll that lasts for hours. This type of compressed roll was originally known as a “Thai Stick”. The term Cannagar was newly created to signify a Thai Stick rolled in fan leaves.

How long does a Small Cannagar last?
Fits: 3.5-7 grams (perfect for a small group of friends)
Smokes: 1-2 hours (dependent on how many people smoking and how heavy your lungs are)

How long does a Large Cannagar last?
Fits: 10-14 g (perfect for a party – you’ll be a legend)
Smokes: 2-4 hours (dependent on how many people smoking and how heavy your lungs are)

Is it a rolling device?
NOPE! You won’t be able to roll joints or blunts, but instead you can make your own dope Cannagar. Cannagars are a massive upgrade. Cannagars are compressed cannabis around a skewer. Because of the compression they can burn 12x longer than your average joint. Because of the skewer creating the perfect airflow, a Cannagar hits smoother than any other roll.

Do I need a lot of flower?
The beauty of our CannaMolds is that you have flexibility based on how much flower you have. Each mold has a range for how much flower you can put in. If you grind your bud with a grinder, you can get a lot more packed into our CannaMolds because the bud is so fine and there’s no room for pockets of air. But let’s say you don’t have 7 grams to make a cannagar that day. You can break the bud up by hand for a chunkier consistency and get away with putting less. Compress just as hard regardless of how much flower you choose so you can still enjoy the long burn time.

Am I wasting my flower?
Although you may be using more weed than your day to day, in reality your flower lasts a lot longer with our Molds. The compression in the packing process helps create a longer lasting burn along with smoother, tastier hits. The tighter the flower is compressed, the longer it takes for the flame to flow throughout the core. Without compression, there is more air space for the cherry to burn quicker. Basically, fire needs air to spread. The more air there is, the quicker your flower will burn. If you take an 8th of flower and roll it into a King size joint or Backwood, it would only burn for about 30 min on average. If you pack the same amount into our personal size, it could easily last twice as long. You’re actually SAVING your flower instead of wasting it, the burn time proves that. Try it for yourself!

Can I buy pre-made Cannagars?
You could. But, store-bought Cannagars are hard to find and cost hundreds of dollars. Save your money and have all of the creative freedom by making your own!

How do I make a Cannagar?
Using a Purple Rose Supply CannaMold, you can easily make a Cannagar in 3 steps. Pack the flower into the mold, store it for a few hours, roll it in a whole-leaf hemp wrap, and enjoy. You can visit the How-To-Make-a-Cannagar page for a quick infographic or instructional video to see how it’s done.

How do you light a Cannagar?
To light your Cannagar, use a torch lighter and roast it like a marshmallow until you get a nice even burn. Make sure the cherry is fully lit before you start puffing.

What if I don’t have time to store my packed Cannagar mold?
We recommend storing your packed mold in a cool, dry place for at least 3 hours. Cannagars that stay in their mold for a few days are smoother and permanently hold their shape. If you’re in a rush, you should get your Cannagar core as compressed as possible by packing your flower in a little at a time and pressing down hard on the packing tool each time. Leave it in the mold for as long as you can (at least 3 hours), and when you remove it roll it right away so it holds its shape.

Do I have to leave my Cannagar in my mold for 3 hours?
To get the best smoking experience out of your Cannagar, 3 hours is highly recommended! It will be smoother and hold its shape better the longer you leave it in the mold. But how long you let it cure is up to you.

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