Cannagar Shell

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Want to take your Cannagar experience up a notch? Our shells are designed to give you the complete experience with no rolling skills required. Simply slide the cured shell over your Cannagar core immediately after you take it out of the mold, and it will be ready to smoke.



How is a cannagar different from the average blunt or joint? An all cannabis cigar provides an elevated smoking experience as a slow-burning, full-flavored roll that lasts for hours. When using our mold and Cannagar Shell, you’ll get the smoothest smoking experience possible and the ability to customize to your liking. The Cannagar Shell allows you to have the complete experience since cannabis leaves can be hard to access and difficult/time-consuming to roll. Cannagars are perfect when you feel like kicking your feet up like a boss and treating yourself. You’ll also go down as a legend whenever you whip out your Cannagar creation at a party. Cannabis cigars have changed the smoking game for the better, but instead of paying a ton of money at a dispensary for a pre-made, you can make your own at a fraction of the price with our molds and Cannagar Shells. Check out how you can easily make Cannagars in 4 easy steps once you have our product here.  When treating yourself, you shouldn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on something you can’t even tailor to your own preferences. Feel like using a backwood instead of hemp leaves? Want to add multiple strains or concentrates? We just provide the kit and shells but leave it up to you to give yourself an unmatched smoking experience. Check out some of the dope creations our friends have made on Instagram @purplerosesupply.

  • Each pack includes 1 shell only
  • To ensure proper fitting, shells must be put on immediately after taking your Cannagar core out of the mold
  • Shells are made out of hemp leaves that have been layered over a pulp made out of hemp
  • They’re intended to fit snugly over your core, so make sure your core has had enough time to cure in the mold so it doesn’t start expanding when you open it
  • Contains less than 0.03% THC
  • Made with Hamilton Cannagar Shells


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14 reviews for Cannagar Shell

  1. Joseph Guidry

    I love all y’all products and I even love when I call y’all answer! This joe_henny_guidry on instagram! Send me a gift lol

  2. Joseph Guidry


  3. Teeeraav (verified owner)

    Love these shells. Cant fit any extras like concentrates in them, but if all youre looking for is a cannagar with a good amount of flower and not having to roll, then this is definitely for you. 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

  4. Matthew

    This product really isn’t good. It doesn’t fit into the wooden mouth piece. I tried sliding it onto my cannagar after sitting in mold for 7 hours and it wouldn’t fit. I got it about a 1/4 of the way on before it wouldn’t go any further. I tried lightly sanding the little parts I thought were stopping it from sliding on but it didn’t work. Next thing you know I have a broken cannagar that took 1 hour to assemble and 7 hours of sitting in a mold and a 25 dollar wrap that is worthless. Complete waste of money.

    • Raveena @ Purple Rose Supply

      Hey Matthew, sorry to hear about your experience! We pride ourselves on giving an elevated experience and don’t want to put a product out that doesn’t meet those expectations. With the shells, you want to put the cannagar core in the shell immediately after taking it out of the mold (otherwise the core expands and can break the shell). Based on your comment, it seems like that may have happened. I’m going to email you so we can get to the bottom of this. Thanks again for the feedback!

  5. Dee

    I would love to review this product if yall ever have any in stock. Been checking back and forth periodically for the last 2 months and yall are always out of stock.

    • Raveena @ Purple Rose Supply

      Hey Dee, sorry to keep you waiting! We’re working to get them back in stock!

  6. Brittney Barocio (verified owner)

    It’s smooth inhale taste but strong after taste. It’s tick and burns even. Can’t complain especially if don’t have any leafs around

  7. Nick Boylan (verified owner)

    Great product! Only issue I’ve had is that the shell doesn’t fit in the mouthpiece 100%. Maybe taper one end a bit so that it gets a good fit.

  8. Steven Applegate

    Following the waiting list. Have been closely, saw purple rose supply’s reply say wraps would be back at end of January. Beginning of February and still nothing 🙁 consumers are unhappy with the false info

    • Raveena Cheema

      Hey Steven, we hate that we promised a date and under-delivered. We apologize for the misinformation on being stocked end of January. We’ve been working really hard behind the scenes to make this happen, but it has been a bit difficult due to hemp being out of season in the winter. We’ll continue to work on getting the shells and you’ll be notified immediately when we’re back in stock if you’re on the waiting list. Our apologies again!

  9. Austin

    Have been waiting for the past 3 to 4 months so review this and saw that you said you would have them in stock by the end of January and it is now February and you still dont have them in stock I even placed my self on the waiting list for them,at this point I feel you should just remove them since you haven’t had them in stock for months and you obviously don’t know when your getting them either.

    • Raveena Cheema

      Hey Austin, we understand your frustration and hate that we under-delivered on the date. We thought we would be able to get the shells back in stock by now, but it has been proving harder than we expected due to hemp being out of season in the winter. We’ll continue to work hard behind the scenes to make this happen and you’ll be notified right away when we’re back in stock if you’re on the waiting list! We really apologize and promise we’re doing everything we can to get them back in stock.

  10. Amir

    We want your product. I know good things take time, but the brand MUST meet the Demand!

    • Raveena Cheema

      Hey Amir, we definitely understand your frustration! We promise we’re working behind the scenes to make this happen but it’s been proving to be harder than we anticipated due to hemp being out of stock in the winter. You’ll be notified immediately when we’re back in stock if you’re on the waiting list. Apologies again!

  11. Steven Applegate

    My review was taken down but as I stated the owner shouldn’t say something is ready if it’s not. It’s February 2nd still no wraps.. take purple rose supply’s answer down so it doesn’t mislead anyone else!

    • Sidney Quitorio (verified owner)

      Hey Steven,

      Your original review is still up. We don’t remove reviews like that. We did leave you a reply to your original comment.

      Again, sorry for the inconvenience, we’re really working our best to resolve this.

  12. Austin

    You guys are still outta stock and you claim its cause the hemp is outta season yet aka Hamilton cannagar shells has had them stocked this entire time and for only $15, I’d prefer to buy one from you guys since you have the molds for them but it’s looking rather unpromising you’ll be getting them anytime soon, maybe you guys should contact them and find out who there vendor is or maybe buy them from them

  13. David

    Will you be compensating everyone with a lifetime discount on hemp wraps because of this gun shooting blanks ? Because IM discouraged purchasing from you now. After reading reviews. I feel I need to be compensated if I decide my loyalty to you guys. *insert hint here* (maybe create a vip club for cheap monthly. so we can get Fat discounts for the wraps) *insert slogan here* / if you need some more ideas let me know!

  14. Fales

    It’s kinda a slap in the face to send me a email from you guys to tell me to try out your shells when you dont have them in stock highly unprofessionally

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