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  • G2 CannaMold Kit – Small – Fits 3.5-7g

    Our favorite size, the G2 Canngar Mold Small (aka Mini Cannon), can be enjoyed by yourself or passed around for a smooth hour-long smoke session. It’s versatile so you can choose to pack anywhere from 3.5-7 grams. Pro-tip: break the bud by hand to use less flower or use a grinder and pack to full capacity. The next kickback is …

  • G2 CannaMold Kit – Large – Fits 10-14g

    Go down as a legend with our G2 Cannagar Mold Large (aka the Executive). It easily holds 10-14 grams and lasts for hours. 2 years ago, we gave a Cannagar to our friend, Tommy…legend has it, he’s still smoking it. It’s some boss level sh*t. Check out the description for more info.

  • G2 CannaMold Kit – Personal – Fits 2-4g

    Kick your feet up and indulge in an hour long solo session with our Cannagar Mold. The Personal holds 2-4 grams so you can enjoy the smooth, slow burn of a Cannagar (without having to use up too much flower). Want to learn more? Check out the description for more info.

  • Wooden Tips (Pack of 10)

    Want some additional mouthpieces for your Cannagar creations? Get a pack of 10 wooden tips so you can continue to enjoy a classier feel.

  • Large Bamboo Skewers (Pack of 50)

    The skewers create a hole for the airflow and allow your Cannagar to hit super smooth. If you picked up a mold, your kit comes with a pack of 10 skewers. Pick up an additional pack of 50 wooden skewers to maximize the amount of cannagars you’re able to make.