Purple Rose Supply Reviews

Purple Rose Supply Reviews


Ganjaprenuer: Purple Rose Supply Cannagar Mold Review

“For those looking for a classy way to spruce up a gathering, or for those occasions where something special is needed, the Purple Rose [Supply] CannaMold is worth checking out.”

herb co

Herb: How to Make a Cannagar (aka a Cannabis Cigar) like a Boss

“Imagine a king-sized blunt, except instead of a tobacco leaf, your weed is rolled in more weed. It’s called a Cannagar. Sound awesome? It is.”

cannabis now

Cannabis Now: The Only Good Cigar is a Cannagar

"The cannagar’s appeal, I think, is for the completist: the cannabis smoker who’s done it all and is looking for something else, something different and maybe a little indulgent for a special occasion, be it a wedding or a party or just the weekend. The partygoer particularly will appreciate how long a few grams last and how many heads they’ll be able to please in an extended session."

LA Weekly: Tommy Chong's Favorites

"This is the best thing I've seen in a long time." - Tommy Chong

marijuana venture

Marijuana Venture: Product Spotlight - Purple Rose Supply CannaMold

“Purple Rose Supply, a cannabis accessory company, recently introduced the easy-to-use CannaMold kit, which allows anyone to create a Cannagar or Thai stick at home.”

civilized life

Civilized: The Hit List - How to Make a Cannabis Cigar (a.k.a. The Cannagar)

"A cannagar is exactly what it sounds like — a cannabis cigar, which essentially feels like a very large blunt. There are kits out there to help you make your own cannagar, such as the Purple Rose Supply kit."


Potlander: A New Product Lets You Build Your Own Cannabis Cigar.

“Make 3 grams last 45 minutes, with no refills? Even for lazy stoners, those numbers are hard to argue with.”

national marijuana news

National Marijuana News: Make Your Own Cannagar Kit by Richard Lowe

“The last thing I will comment on is that it is a very unique smoking experience. It is not like smoking a cigar or smoking a blunt. For me, unique pleasurable experiences get 5 stars.”

Stoner Things: Purple Rose Supply Cannagar Mold Product Review

"The CannaMold kit provides a lot of freedom when it comes to creating a cannagar. For one thing, it saves money on buying pre-rolled cannagars from dispensaries at severe mark-up. But it also gives you the option to tailor your cannagar to your own tastes and preferences."

Cannabis.Wiki: A review of the Purple Rose Supply Cannagar Rolling Kit

"Whether you want to enjoy the occasional cannabis cigar for yourself, or you have a huge party to prepare for, the Purple Rose Supply kit can help to make the entire process a whole lot easier, enjoyable, and more affordable than any store-bought alternative."

daily leaf

Daily Leaf: Cannabis Cannagar by Purple Rose Supply Review

“Purple Rose Supply Cannagar mold creates a slow-burning, full-flavored cannabis cigar smoking session that will last for hours.”

social weed

Social Weed: Purple Rose Supply CannaMold Review

“If you are looking for a cost-effective way to elevate your smoke sesh, I can say the [Purple Rose Supply] mold is your best bet.”

sensi magazine

Sensi Magazine: Time For a Good Cannagar

“A pre-made Cannagar can cost hundreds of dollars. The Cannagar kit including the mold can create the same enjoyment without the high price tag.”


Grit Daily: Spark Joy This 4/20 With These Experience-Enhancing CannaAccessories

“Purple Rose Supply has created an effective mold and process to enable recreational consumers to make their own Cannagars at home in a simple and efficient manner”


Trend Hunter: Purple Rose Supply Makes It Easy to Roll Cannagars at Home

“Purple Rose Supply’s molds are a great investment for cannabis enthusiasts who are looking to diversify their smoking habits.”

elegant stoner

Elegant Stoner: Purple Rose Supply's cannagar mold is a simple way to create a unique cannabis experience

“If you regularly have a social circle that could make good use of Cannagars, the CannaMold definitely deserves a spot on your shelf.”

CBD Bible: Purple Rose Supply Cannagar Molds (a review)

“We're big fans of cannagars - that is to say, cannabis cigars. There are a few brands you can buy from, but to be honest you can't get much better than making your own. Cram it with as much as you like and with whatever you like."

Additional Media

Fresh Toast: Why Smoking a Cannagar is Better Than a Pre-roll

"For those cannabis connoisseurs who like a big smoke with a sophisticated flair, consider the cannagar."

Idea Mensch: Sidney Quitorio, Founder of Purple Rose Supply Interview

"I saw a Cannagar on Instagram for the first time but found it really difficult and tedious to make one by hand. I realized I needed an easy-to-use tool and designed one for myself as a personal project. Purple Rose Supply was created so I could share it with others since Cannagars were inaccessible to a lot of people due to location or price."

purposely awakened

Purposely Awakened: Cannabis Brand, Purple Rose Supply, Puts a Twist on Things with Their Cannagars

"At the end of the day, we’re all people. We all deserve to enjoy a great experience whether or not we have hundreds to throw away on a single smoke session." - Sidney, Founder & CEO, Purple Rose Supply

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